Knock knock. Is Governor Walker home?

Listen Mr. Walker, I know you don’t necessarily have to be as miserable as I am this morning over the Prosser/Kloppenberg race, but I’m having trouble understanding your thinking. It feels a bit like you are unwilling to acknowledge the consequences of the last few weeks on this important State Supreme Court race.

As an example, let me share your last tweet:

Really? You’re starting that brown bag thing again? I mean Wisconsin is in the middle of as much muck as I ever remember experiencing in my years here, and you are back to handing out brown bags.

Dude. Here’s a hint: Lead.


  1. You’re **still** bitter!

  2. Nah. But I know where you can get a great deal on a brown bag. 🙂

  3. I do agree though that’s it’s time to retire the whole brown bag thing.

  4. *Curtsy* Well thanks. I’ll take that one.

  5. Anonymous Politico says:

    No, please no. Not another brown bag attack. Please, no. I’ll be good. I’ll give money. I promise.

  6. The main thing I think you could fault Walker for is not passing the voter ID law. Easy to say now, but he should have made that the absolute 1st order of business IMO.

  7. I think what bothers me the most is the nonchalant this-doesn’t-touch-me appearance coming from his office. We are hip deep in knee boots in this state. Some one needs to look like the grown up.

  8. An adult is necessary? A year of so from now, we can all vote for Tom Barrett after the Guv is recalled.

  9. Why would Barrett want to run for governor now that he has control of Milwaukee county?

  10. She seems to be a good choice; I just hope she’s not a disappointment like Kaine and Obama have been. Everybody is saying that nobody can defeat Obama, but I think that the 2010 elections show that if he continues to be a Republican who ran as a Democrat because he understood it was the only way he could ever become president, he will make the Democratic party loose again. I hope a real progressive comes out and challenges this man or else, we are going to loose! I hear so many people say that it will be a cold day in hell before they vote for this man again. I’m one of them! I hope Debbie can be more proactive in giving a voice to the real Democratic side of the Democratic Party. Good luck to her! God knows we all need it!

  11. Something tells me that last comment landed in the wrong post.

  12. John Foust says:

    Taking away copier privileges, parking spaces, withholding paychecks, locking doors, illegally using State Patrol as guards, threats to carry pregnant ladies feet-first… these were the actions of true leaders, of strong-minded broad-shouldered giants in Madison. Who voted for this?

  13. A majority.

  14. Randy in Richmond says:

    John Foust
    So you think elected officials should get paid for not fulfilling their duties, leaving the very state they were elected to serve, and failing to show up at their place of employment with no legitimate excuse.
    And the checks were not withheld. Direct Deposit was cancelled but any of the Senators could have picked up their check at their place of employment. If they chose not to, that’s on them.