Kloppenberg defeats Prosser

I have to share this. Lucky for me, I have permission.

Randy in Richmond sent it to me. Brittany Cohan discovered it. Kevin Deval created it. The National Review likes it.

And then, there’s my good friend Reid who has a cat name Truman because of the original incident.

This picture is a full-circle moment for me. I love Photoshop.


  1. Love it!

    Thanks for sharing my jubilation, Cindy.

  2. Priceless….:)

  3. BrkfldDad says:

    Anyone else find it interesting that Barrett got 62% in Milwaukee County gubernatorial and Kloppenberg only got 57%?

  4. And Abele won. Good observation.

  5. BrkfldDad says:

    Makes me think the perceived wave of anger and shift against Walker and the Republicans may not really be perceptibly different that what has always existed in the state.

  6. Sing it again Annie…The sun’ll come out tomorrow!

  7. Deborah Leigh says:

    This seems to be a notice to the unions and their political backers, Democrats, that the people are not going to put up with the thugish behavior and entitlement feelings anymore. They aren’t buying into the propoganda or the strong arm tactics. The unions and their far Left supporter International ANSWER, as well as the Democrats have said they stand with the workers. The voters saw through that lie. Those parties are standing for the unions.

    Hopefully, this will be the first of many victories!

  8. THANK MUCH for posting this! I’m very glad I found your blog!

    Common Cents