So, who hasn’t come to the stage yet?

That’s right! There’s not been any singing by the proverbial well-endowed lady. (I’m sensitive to the word fat.)

Today has brought in several newly recognized votes for Prosser. He’s now ahead in the State Supreme Court race. Lots of news organizations are calling it.

Combine that with Ryan’s suspicion, and Wisconsin is no where near the finale.

By the way, if Ryan is even close to right, I’m buying him and his lovely bride dinner at North Star Bistro.


  1. jimspice says:

    Gee, seems all the “found” ballots are coming from Republican counties. Imagine that!

  2. Yep. You’ll get over it.

  3. Actually, I have heard of some in liberal counties too. Over 100 votes for Klop in Grant county, I believe.

    Funny you mention North Star Bistro… I have a work outing and will be going there for the first time tonight…. eerie, no?

  4. It’s my favorite place. You’ll love it.

    Brookfield or East side? Get the encrusted goat cheese for an appetizer, and if there’s butternut squash soup, get that too. I make a dinner of those two.

  5. Actually Kop is picking up votes in conservative counties too. Prosser also lost 113 in Grant County.

  6. J. Strupp says:

    That’s impressive work Ryan. Was there anyone else out there that turnout was unusually low?

  7. well an entire city not included (Brookfield). 7500 votes added to Prosser. Game over.

  8. Holy cow!