The Imperfect Storm

From afar this is incredible. You in Wisconsin must be beside yourself, regardless of your political bent. I can’t imagine how Prosser or especially Kloppenburg must now feel. While I do not understand electing judges this race had implications on many other levels. Not the least of which is that Ryan, of this site, nailed the oversight (I’m being kind) and stuck with it while recognized news organizations and bloggers were putting out the significance of Klop’s victory, especially as it would relate to the unions. And quite frankly, this election was one the union’s best shot’s at undoing Gov. Walker’s plan to put Wisconsin’s financial affairs in order. Judge Prosser’s personal issues, real or perceived, the high level of union activism, and the monies spent by the unions contributed to what appeared to be a perfect storm to defeat Prosser.

Let the recount begin.


  1. Randy I agree that this is not one of the state’s finest moments. But I think people need to step back and reflect on what happened.
    First all news stories I read indicated that the vote totals were unofficial tallies. The official vote canvass process began on Wednesday and continues today.
    I did notice that TV and radio reports were not as clear that these were unofficial tallies.
    Even less precise were the blogger reports.
    Then one candidate had a press conference during which she claimed victory based on those unofficial results and without any concession from her opponent.
    At that point the horse was out the barn. Some in the media and many partisan bloggers went into full scale frenzy contemplating the future in the state of Wisconsin. Tis a sad state of affairs but I would suggest it could happen anywhere.

    There is more that can be said but I do have one question that I think we all need to ponder. Since the process for verifying the election results was not scheduled to start until Wednesday, why do we need to hastily and speedily put together vote tallies for media to report on the 10PM or 11PM newscasts? The winner in this race does not take office until August 1. It reminds me of a slogan one use to see on highway billboard signs—-“Speed Kills”

  2. Not to interrupt, but I was thinking the same think about the want for instant returns. Our impatience does not serve us well.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    I appreciate and understand your comments. Especially when one considers the overall time frame associated with the entire election process. And you are right, something like this did happen “anywhere”–in Florida in 2000. If you remember major news organizations used data from unofficial exit polls to announce a Gore victory in Florida before polls in western parts of that state and also the country had even closed. Some believe those announcements could have affected the voting process in western Florida and the US. And as we know the procedures on this type of reporting were subsequently changed and fine-tuned. Let’s not even get into that “chad” thing.

    This is not a new phenomenon. In the early 20th centuty reporters used to run to telephones to report results of trials, sports events, political doings, Hollywood happenings, etc. In the 19th century it was the telegraph and in the 1700’s a notice posted at the local courthouse. And even as alluded to on this site we remember that 1948 Truman/Dewey electioin.

    Having said that, the chances of what happened here should be almost zero. All of us computer users fill out forms almost daily for web site registrations, purchases, bank transactions, applications, games, and so on. And most all of these are pre-programed to pop up with a notice, usually in red, if we screwed something up. We can even peruse our spelling with one click. These checks aren’t perfect but they can perform a general check of our entered information. When a town of about 40,000 people, the second largest in the county, registers a zero count of votes somewhere on somebody’s computer it should do so before 24 – 48 hours have passed. This is certainly not an indictment of your state or it’s people but maybe a look-see at the process is in order.

    A red notice should have popped up somewhere. Oh wait, it did. Right here on this site.

  4. 🙂 Woke up with a smile on my face. I’m still so impressed with Ryan’s instinct and effort.