Harry Reid is holding a leaking bucket

He’s on the floor of the Senate right now arguing that Planned Parenthood must be saved in order to provide health care for women.

But what about Obamacare? Isn’t that supposed to fix everything anyway?

I think I’ll read between the lines here and say he knows he’s close to losing this policy issue.

“The Republicans want to shut down government in order to keep women from getting the healthcare they need.” (Or something close, my apologies if I missed the exact wording.)

Think of that again: Republicans want to shut down government in order to keep women from getting the healthcare they need. What an odd argument from the leader of the Senate.

It would be lovely to spend today gloating over Wisconsin’s wonderful news that came yesterday. Sadly, that’s not to be the case.

So, why aren’t they talking about funding the troops when things go south in a few hours?


  1. Come on, PP needs a lot of money to buy all those bananas especially with the esculating food prices we are seeing. I don’t know about funding the troops, didn’t Obama say that he would end those overseas contingency operations shortly?

  2. Sometimes you are so subtle it takes me a few reads to get it, but when I do, it’s always good for a giggle, Leapin.

  3. J. Strupp says:

    So what are we arguing over with this budget? Honestly. 30 billion? 40 billion maybe? For the love of God just meet somewhere in the middle and be done with it.

    The GOP has already sold their Tea Party friends down the river by not cutting $100 billion or whatever from the budget and the Dems. have already sold their base down the river by being the most horrible negotiators in the world and STARTING negotiations with a $30 billion budget CUT. Just meet in the middle so the military gets paid and 18 year olds get their birth control and move this show along.

    In fact, how about we tell Boehner and Reid that they can’t come out of the room until they’ve nailed something down. That way I don’t have to watch both of them bellyaching on TV while I eat my delicious double cheeseburger at lunch.

    I’m only kind of kidding.

  4. It will be embarrassing no matter the outcome. If they run to agreement now, they look wimpy, if they shut down government, they look wimpy.

    There’s no way around wimpy.

    It would be great if someone would draw a line in the sand and mean it for a change, though. So much would be solved if elected folks simply said what they meant and meant what they said instead of posturing.

    A double cheeseburger? Really? I had an apple and cheddar and thought it was a splurge.

  5. J. Strupp says:

    It’s Friday and i’m 32. I can get away with it at this age.

  6. Great. Now you are implying I’m old. 😉 And it’s Friday during Lent, so that means it’s sushi night!

  7. John W. says:

    How on Earth can Harry Reid claim to be pro-life when he’s in favor of forcing all taxpayers to support Planned Parenthood?

  8. now someone is on track. while the inner political society of ranking members from both parties seek an outcome which best for themselves they will proclaim an agreement. in the meanwhile it is DC at its best. all for votes and campaign contributions. the answer is term limits. i have no problem with the old fashioned smoke filled meetings because they did not become a public talent show. get it done and save our souls.(SOS)