Brookfield’s dirty little secret

I’m likely to catch a whole lot of fury for this, but it needs to be explained. You see, some blogs are making a hobby of suggesting that Brookfield’s vote was improbable given the high voter turnout to our population. The accusation is that “political hack” (what an unkind term!) and Republican Kathy Nickolaus devised those extraordinary numbers to increase Prosser’s margin. No one seems to acknowledge Brookfield’s own tally. A properties search of that document will show it was created a little after 10:00 p.m. the evening of the vote.

Brookfield is a very conservative city, but, only a few people, those who’ve spent some time at city hall, know that Brookfield’s clerk (name omitted because it really isn’t necessary) is a Progressive. Not a Democrat, mind you, as it seems no one wants to be called a Democrat any more, but a hands-on-her-hips do-you-have-a-problem-with-that Progressive. A clerk is hired here, not elected. The revelation blows those arguments that this vote was rigged for political cause right out of the water.

I will also insert at this point I happen to be very fond of Brookfield’s clerk, and if you are going to go after her, you can expect me planted firmly at the front of the battle.

Get a grip out there. From Tammy Baldwin to those who proudly proffer their reasoning abilities, it’s time to move on.

(Shoot. That one’s been used already, hasn’t it?)


  1. Wilson828 says:

    omg i so agree

    get your underwear outta your crack .. tammy baldwin ….

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    When I read the article you link above,

    I couldn’t believe what I was reading. So independently of Ryan’s work I decided to check out the article. The author, who said she was quoting from a lawyer friend, concluded the results from Brookfield were wrong because way too many people voted. Now I’m not a statistician but I do enjoy math and logic tells me to check what the 2010 vote totals for Brookfield were and compare them to the 2011 vote. Instead of doing this the article’s author assumed all localities voted at a 33% rate and based her assumptions on that figure.

    What I discovered was:
    1) The article’s author was so wrong, and
    2) How brilliant Ryan’s analysis was.

    Stay with me…

    In 2010 there were 2,158,723 total votes for governor. If you take the total available to Ryan on election night there were 1,493,976 total votes cast in 2011. Compute the percentage of 2011 to 2010 and you come up with .685, exactly the figure Ryan used. However, since Ryan didn’t know about the approx. 14,000 votes not reported (actually he did ), the percentage is really .692.

    Stay with me…

    In 2010 21,263 people voted in Brookfield. Take the corrected 2011 percentage of voters compared to 2010 ( .692 ) times the actual 2010 vote in Brookfield, i.e., 21,263 times .692 and one gets , 14,713 voters–close to the magic number of unreported voters.

    Bottom line, there was no cheating or fraud, but a significant deletion of real votes that were counted but not included. The article you link, on a liberal site, is completely bogus in it’s math and conclusions.

  3. Like I keep telling the world, Brookfield votes. We always have. I’m not sure if we always will, but so far, so good.

  4. I am fairly certain that the Kloppenberg campaign team and the Wisconsin Democrats know that they are going to lose the supreme court race. However, it is very apparent that they are going to try to plant doubt and misunderstanding among the general population about whether this was a fair election.
    It will not have an impact on this race. However, every process issue or discrepancy will be noted and recorded so it can be used to their perceived advantage in some future election.
    It is especially interesting that they and many in the media keep saying the the votes were not counted or that the votes were found. Neither statement is correct. The votes were counted and recorded in each of the wards in Brookfield. Those votes were not included in the unofficial tallies of votes cast reported to the Associated Press.
    The votes were never lost. What was discovered was they had not been included in the unofficial tally given to the media. They were included in the canvass report given to the GAB.
    It does seem that the results have been certified by the GAB for Waukesha county. At least that is what the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting.
    As I said earlier I believe they know they are going to lose this election. They are now looking for issues they can use in future elections. I would not be surprised that they say their investigation is not conclusive and the only way to determine that this was a fair election is to ask the GAB to open the sealed vote containers and count the ballots again. If the GAB does not agree, I am sure they will seek a court ruling trying to force such a recount.
    The Republicans are going to have to be just as focused to correct the misconceptions that the Democrats will continually raise. They will have to work harder because they will not have the media helping them.