Big press conference scheduled for tomorrow in Madison

Update: Details are in – it’s not Russell. Head to the comments for more.

Tim Russell? That’s my bet. While everyone else has had their head in the clouds or hovered over radar screens this evening, a small group of hardcore junkies (including one very dull housewife) have been hoping to discover the news of a mysterious summons.

I first saw it on Twitter from Randy Melchert.

BREAKING: GAB and Mke County DA holding press conf in Madison Mon 2pm. No details till then. #wivote

I mean how mysterious can the boys get? The thinking is they wanted to let the big news know in case they wanted to send a team.

So there you go. Intrigue on a Sunday night. We’ll see if I’m right tomorrow. But the bigger question might be: cleared or condemned?


  1. Anonymous Politico says:

    It is highly plausible this is about usingpersonalcomputersatmystateorcountyjobforcampaignpurposes gate.

  2. Anonymous Politico says:
  3. Well leave it to Dan Bice to let us all in on the details.

    They called a big news conference in Madison for that? “…which has a maximum punishment of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.” Those reporters will spend more collectively to get there.

    Listen, when we whine about our polarized politics in Wisconsin, just remember this stunt by the GAB and MKE DA’s office.

    $1,000 fine. Whooopee. The MKE DA and GAB should be fined instead for grandstanding.

  4. J. Rawson Schaller says:

    “Leave it to Dan Bice to let us all in on the details.”

    Yeah, good thing you didn’t throw reason out the window, yielding instead to personal fantasy and wild speculation, hey?

    Hope you didn’t ‘bet’ anything of value on this one, Cindy.

  5. Nah. Just about five minutes worth of typing. My first thought was voter registration fraud. (Tweeted that one, too.)

    Don’t you wish they would shut down the Russell issue, though? It’s mean to him to leave it dangling like it is. Capper’s accusation was dealt with rather quickly. Why drag this one out?

  6. BrkfldDad says:

    So that was it? The ‘BIG” announcement was the Gardner charges? Deflated……….

  7. Like I said, they should be fined for grandstanding. Bloggers were buzzing for hours until Bice dropped the details. Then it all fizzled.

    I wonder how many people actually showed up at that press conference once the charges were known?