A little blogger fun with the Waukesha Democrats

I was goofing around on their site tonight trying to find a press release pdf type copy of that statement that made the news today, and found this:

How much fun is that! They average 76 visits a day, but today have had more than 36,000 so far. It looks like wild tales still sell.


  1. But doesn’t the total also include today’s numbers? If so, I think the jump is even more extreme than what you are saying. So with everything included, we have 61,699 visits and an average of 76 per day. That means they calculated the 76 using roughly 812 days. But 36,317 of those 61,699 visits were from today, then only 25,382 were from before today. So the prior average was actually just 25,382/812 = 31 visits per day, not 76. 31 to 36k is a pretty big jump.

    Or just put it this way… 59% of all their traffic over the last 27 months came on one day.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    Is there a left leaning site(s) similiar to Drudge that may have provided a provocative link to be part of the cause ? And based on their history it’s a wonder they didn’t crash.

  3. Ryan, the jpeg insert was a hard copy of the totals at the time I was writing. The link will show the current numbers. All that other stuff you did? Showoff. :p

    Randy, it’s everywhere. Hundreds of everywhere. The traffic doesn’t surprise me at all.