The Winner Is…..

Did you hear what happened at the Masters Golf Tournament this past weekend ? There was a lot of drama about who actually won the tournament. It happened like this.

If you’ve ever watched the Masters you’ve seen the hand operated scoreboard posted by the 18th green that displays the results as called in from all over the course. Well, sure enough the second place finisher, Jason Day, birdied the par 4 17th hole with a birdie 3 and his score was called in to the scoreboard. Because of a technical error his score was not initially posted on the scoreboard. So instead of the 276 total he actually shot, a score of 273 was posted for all to see . In a very close competition Charl Schwartzel was initially shown to be in 2nd place with a score of 274 (remember, low score wins in golf). Well, this was published by all the press and a celebration was held for Jason Day.

But then it was discovered the scorekeeper had never displayed Jason’s 17th hole score and actually when this score was included, it meant Schwartzel was the actual winner. In other words not including all of the official score had led to the wrong person being declared winner. A check of the official records confirmed this fact and the red faced officials made the correction. Boy were they embarrassed. Video replays along with the players official scorecards confimed Schwartzel to be the winner in a close competition.

Even now, days after the competition is over, Jason Day’s supporter’s are claiming he really won and the scorekeeper did this on purpose. One 80 year old scorekeeper’s observer says she doesn’t really understand how they display those numbers on the board at the Tournament Masters–and she’s not sure. Everyone agrees not posting the score was an egregious error.

In my younger days I refereed basketball on the high school and college level. After a particularly difficult game involving a tough call I had made, I received some good advice from an experienced official. He told me to always remember it is not about who’s right on an issue, but what’s right. I would suggest that good advice be applied in Waukesha County as well.


  1. As an avid golfer and one who has playing Augusta National on my bucket list this is an excellent parody on what is happening in Wisconsin.

    You have left out the fact that a Jason Day fan rode over the scorekeeper observer with a fairway lawnmower.