JoAnne Kloppenburg should concede

At a minimum she needs to retract her victory statement. In case you missed it:

Did you notice how quiet it was yesterday? Of all the links, almost thirty, only a couple were about last week’s race.

I can see how David Prosser might want to wait until Milwaukee County’s canvas numbers come in before he claims a victory. Given how quiet it is out there, I’d have to think the numbers are holding from the original returns on April 5th.

Come on Milwaukee County! Get your numbers into the GAB. It’s time to put this one to the books and settle the race.


  1. Geri Niedzwiecki says:

    Mrs Klppenburg, what were thinking, to request a recount, our state is in the red and you want us tax payers to pay this large amount for your recount. I would like to know who your advisers are, maybe they and you should help pay for this recount,