Confessing my adoration for Paul Ryan

I’ll admit it. I’m in love. I’m watching him speak right now and I can not get past the idea that this man should be our presidential candidate in 2012. No congressman has ever won an election for President. I’m beginning to hope there’s a first time for everything.

So, Mr. Ryan, if you have a plan, let us in on it when you have some time. I’ll type my fingers to the bone on your behalf. Besides, I hear your wife is from Oklahoma, which confirms you obviously have good taste. 🙂


  1. Even forget for a moment that he would be a great president…. Ryan makes great sense from an electoral standpoint. If the Republican can win Ohio and Wisconsin, there is almost no way they lose. Ryan would have a great chance in Wisconsin and much of Ohio is very similar to his Janesville district, so I’d have to think he’d do pretty well there as well.

    And what is Obama going to say against Ryan? That he doesn’t have enough experience? Ha!

  2. Indeed. One other thought: Ryan’s an economist from Wisconsin. A little West Wing anyone?

  3. J. Strupp says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa there.

    Congressman Ryan is a politician not an economist. Ryan’s commentary to the JS a few months back along with his new “plan” has made that very clear. But I won’t clog up your comments section regarding Congressman Ryan like I did Jeremy’s blog.

    Politically speaking, I can definately see how this guy would be a fantastic candidate. From a battleground state, smooth talker, likes to show pretty graphs on the web, dreamy eyes….er….good physical appearance.

    He’s no Donald Trump but he would do well.

  4. Oh, that’s right. You get to pick and choose who an economist is according to how much they agree with you.

  5. Ryan, to bolster your argument it’s worth mentioning that Paul Ryan’s undergrad is from Miami in Ohio.

  6. anti-neocon says:

    J. Strupp actually is a reasonable, articulate poster, evenhanded poster. You should see his work on Dad29’s blog.

    “You get to pick and choose who an economist is according to how much they agree with you.”

    Cindy, aren’t you doing the same thing by listening to only those politicians who offer an economic proposal based on your shared ideology???

  7. anti-neocon says:

    Sorry, should read “reasonable, articulate, evenhanded poster.”

  8. I listen to everyone and form my own opinion. anti-neocon, you could spend a few minutes researching a blog before you swoop in for attack. It’s probably not your style, but it would save you from looking goofy when you make comments like that one.

  9. J. Strupp says:

    All I’m saying is that Ryan’s proposals are more ideological in nature than based in economic reality. You can’t eliminate Medicare, issue vouchers tied to the rate of inflation, allow health care costs to rise almost double that rate, and then claim that’ll fix our debt problem. You’re just moving the shells.

    I mean you can propose this, but it’s an ideological position not based in economic reality.

  10. I’d prefer a Christie/Ryan ticket, myself. That ticket could flip not only Wisconsin, but New Jersey and perhaps Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, Christie says he isn’t running.

  11. Of course they are ideological, J. Strupp. His plan is the yardstick against which any real plan will be measured. No one expect the Ryan plan to come through completely intact.

    However, while you say we “can’t do” whatever it is you swear we can’t do, I’ll say we better find a way to do something. The entitlements that seemed like such a good idea when America’s population was expanding are going to choke this county as population growth stagnates.

    Both sides like to move the shells and then claim victory. It’s annoying.

  12. J. Strupp says:

    The shell game has definately grown tiresome at every level of government (see Doyle, James).

    “His plan is the yardstick against which any real plan will be measured.”

    The problem I have is that Ryan’s plan IS being trumpeted as a real plan. According to CBO, Ryan’s plan projects defense spending is going to go from around 12%/GDP to around 3.5%/GDP by 2050. His plan assumed a 2.8 unemployment rate at some point in the future (before it was taken out). And of course, we’re going to tax cut our way to fiscal sanity again. The entire thing is just a mess in my opinion.

    But Congressman Ryan is supposedly bold and courageous for this proposal. This is like a liberal congressman coming out with a deficit reduction proposal that increases the top marginal income tax rate to WWII levels (over 90%) in order to get debt/GDP back in line. Is it bold? Heck yeah it’s bold. Is it completely nuts? You bet it is. Should we use this kind of “proposal” as a yardstick for future Democratic deficit reduction proposals? No way because it’s not realistic.

    Anyway, agree to disagree again.

  13. anti-neocon says:

    Swoop in for an attack? I’m being goofy? All I did was offer a position. Why did you choose to use those words or label it as such? Wouldn’t it be fair to say that’s the behavior of those individuals who are partisan?

    Anyways, JStrupp has taken both liberals and conservative economists to task.

    So all I did was simply point out your own hypocrisy when you inferred that JStrupp was an ideologue. One can make that reasonable assumption, in this particular case, based on your comment “You get to pick and choose who an economist…”

    Would it be fair to say that you prefer certain economists who have a particular bent? Would it be fair to say that you doubt, or dismiss, or ignore, etc. those economists whom you disagree with, even if he/she presents strong evidence to the contrary?

    I have read your blog from time to time, and there are definitely occasions when you are fair-minded and do not make things partisan, and other times it seems that you are an ideologue spouting off the party line.

    “It’s probably not your style…”

    So you know me so well to make that assertion just from a comment I made?

  14. Ok. If it makes you feel better, then I’m a horrible hypocrite. Of course it doesn’t make it true, but maybe you’ll be more content.

  15. If this is just gushing, I guess that’s OK. After all, it’s your blog.

    I like some of Ryan’s ideas, but I also think some of them are incomplete.

    More importantly, Ryan’s got some budget busting votes in his not too distant past. My question for him would be, what changed?

  16. Ok, it’s the dreamy eyes…

  17. Wilson828 says:

    okay .. I like Paul Ryan too .. but not because of dreamy eyes …

    what economists have we elected president in the past? uh?

    btw … better get going .. Palin is NOT our savior … let’s let her have a career of shallow political sensationalism .. but not in real politics … (btw thank you very much McCain for the Palin plague – good thing being stupid doesn’t hurt)

  18. I thought Palin would have been a good Vice President. She probably could have at least stayed awake during the speeches. I’m not very enthusiastic about her becoming a presidential candidate, though. I’m still more than a little perturbed that she walked out on her term as Alaska’s governor.

  19. Wilson828 says:

    a good vp? seriously? i’m gonna pretend you didn’t say that… if stupid hurt that woman would be in a world of pain

    (more wine to help me forget you said that)

  20. Randy in Richmond says:

    Palin for Secretary of the Interior in the Christie cabinet. A good fit.

  21. I’m ahead of you Wilson828.

    I really was excited when she was the pick. She was an elected governor, she was a she, and she could rally the crowds. Worked for me.

    Randy, so you are fixated on Christie, too? I love his style, but really don’t know much about him. All I know is that he hacks off the hard left, so I guess that’s good enough for me.

  22. I’m in NY and wish we had Christie as our governor. Christie appeals to me because he appeals to the center and thus could win a general election. Of course, that means he doesn’t appeal to the far right (he ruled out stripping collective bargaining rights, for instance) and might have issues in the primary.

    Christie is outspoken, and has the facts to support his arguments. That’s what makes him effective.

  23. Wilson828 says:

    I could see Christie. Unfortunately he’s said repeatedly that he isn’t an candidate. But others have said that too and have run.

    Ahead of me?

    Hilary was a an elected senator, she was a she and she could rally the crowds too. She was just of the wrong political party. Palin’s own worse enemy is herself. She says so many stupid things.

  24. If Ryan is an economist, how come he so blatantly does not understand anything to do with economics? President Obama recently spoke the truth about Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.)

    “When Paul Ryan says his priority is to make sure, he’s just being America’s accountant,” Obama told his supporters at the event, according to remarks relayed on a live mic and reported by CBS News pooler Mark Knoller.

    “This is the same guy that voted for two wars that were unpaid for, voted for the Bush tax cuts that were unpaid for, voted for the prescription drug bill that cost as much as my health care bill — but wasn’t paid for. So it’s not on the level,” Obama said.

  25. And Obama’s the same guy who started a third war without asking for congressional approval.

    Mr. Simpson, you will score no valid points repeating President Obama’s campaign rhetoric on this site, that’s for certain.

  26. It’s the same reason that Jeff Simpson calls himself a shoe salesman when in reality, he sits around all day and spew hatred on Blogging Blue.

  27. What about James Garfield? He was a congressman who became President.

  28. I think a better comparison with Paul ryan would be Bob Ney

  29. “Ryan” is capitalized, you semi-literate Al Bundy clone.

  30. Come on. Surely we can tolerate a typo or two around here, don’t you think?

  31. Look at the garbage he posts on Blogging Blue. A rhesus monkey could do a better job.

  32. John Foust says:

    Seeker, when you engage in ad hominem attacks like this, do you consider yourself to be more a Republican or a conservative?

  33. I don’t read Blogging Blue for the most part. Sure, there’s the odd story here or there worth considering or refuting, but for the most part, I can read one story from the left every other week and know the rest of the clan’s posts will resonate like a giant echo chamber.

    It’s our choice to read or not read; to react or not react; to function reasonably in a granted very divisive political environment.

    John Foust, I tell you what. Go back to being Owen’s special friend. Find something Wiggy is spitting out and make it your mission. You have got to be exhausted after running around in full armor as the great defender of all things left.

    I know. Have an original idea of your own somewhere…like your own blog! It’s really hard ;), but I bet you can do it if you try.

  34. I really only read your blog on the right, because I know what is on here is resonating throughout the right, with less of a negative edge.

    Its funny how we both think the other has an echo chamber, the difference is I am right :)!

    Its kind of strange to see you attack John, and not seeks, who is a childish coward who only comes on here to attack me.

    I thought it was a fair question, especially as I see throughout the right wing talking points today, the story of the hatred on the left for playing drums on Saturday……

    Seeks you forgot to mention forwardlookout, I contribute there also and thats where I do most of my writing about your buddy! You should get someone to read it to you.

  35. Randy in Richmond says:

    There are some commenting on this post with whom I disagree. And I’m not speaking of the content of their comments, but the content of their character. As a rule this site discusses and debates issues and people in the news, not those entering the comments here or elsewhere. Go peddle your other sites somewhere else.

  36. I was not comparing Paul Ryan to James Garfield. I was just pointing out that indeed a congressman had become President before.

    “No congressman has ever won an election for President. I’m beginning to hope there’s a first time for everything.”

  37. Thanks, John B. I’d missed that. I knew Ford, but he was appointed to VP before he went on to be President.

    Garfield’s story isn’t one we’d want repeated in this case. He was only President for a few months.

  38. Jim Trafficant is more likely