When a talking head offends a Talking Head

You end up with this apology:

This video by Charlie Christ, former Florida governor and recent Senate candidate, came up last night at dinner. (It was a fabulous dinner, thank you very much, details of which will be described in the future.) The taping was conveyed as something a hostage might have produced. After watching it, I’d have to agree. You almost expect him to hold up a local newspaper with a current date and explain that he’s being treated well.

Here’s a Miami paper’s take on the settlement.

And because it matters to some of us, here’s the song, The Road to Nowhere.


  1. John Foust says:

    If I were David, I’d make him re-do it and do it right. After all, the name of this band is Talking Heads.

  2. I’m trying to figure out why you are my new special friend John.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’m sure I’m missing something here but we have a man who has just been the head guy, governor of Florida for 4 years, running for election to become a senator from Florida, playing the song “Road to Nowhere” in Florida. ???

    And Cindy, I agree with your hostage observation. Maybe if he had just stuck out his middle finger we would know he was coerced into making the video.

  4. That’s a worthy point, Randy. I guess I’d have to see the advertisements/usage to confirm context.

  5. Anonymous Politico says:

    Is that all Charlie apologized for? Seems like the video could have gone on for a while.