Did Franklin High School get pwned by a 420 student?

If you’ve been under a rock, Franklin High School is closed today. The rumor is a note.

Cindy, the cynical mother, says there’s a motive alright, but it probably has less to do with the culture of violence than the culture of stoner.

Oh, it will all be known in a few weeks. I can easily bet the situation isn’t as dire as some have suggested. I will also concede the school has acted as they must given the confusion over how to handle this type of situation.

Someone is winning, which means that same someone will likely lose big before they know it. What’s absolute is that the students and education suffer.

(If you aren’t familiar with 420 look it up. I’m embarrassed to say it was my own niece who caused me to make the connection.)


  1. jpjfghgayj says:

    Go home

  2. So you grab your blackberry (research in motion IP) to tell me to “go home” (I am home) when I mention something that no one else has considered publicly.


  3. Franklin says:

    Oh trust me, many people have considered this. But to expect a pothead to think far enough in advance to drop a bullet in the hallway on Monday AND THEN create more hysteria by writing a message on the bathroom wall to ensure an off day is ludicrous. Writing a message that implies there will be carnage throughout the school on the anniversary of the Columbine shootings is enough to make any reasonable person think beyond the motive of having a day off to smoke pot.

    In addition, I think the administration has handled this the best anyone could. They are damned if they cancel school and damned if they don’t. Parents are outraged that school was cancelled over such a “minor offense”, but had their been a shooting you can guarantee they would have come out in droves demanding to know why the necessary action wasn’t taken.

    Just my two cents…

  4. I’d say the writing on the wall is the result of the opportunity the incident of finding a bullet created. Do you really think they are related by plan? I’ve also heard of a cafeteria fight. How does that fit in?

    I said the administration was doing the best they could. “I will also concede the school has acted as they must given the confusion over how to handle this type of situation.” It’s a very unfortunate rock and hard place they are wedged between.

  5. Franklin says:

    I wasn’t saying you disagreed about the administration, I was just confirming what you said. The cafeteria fight (it was actually in the hallway, if that matters 🙂 ) just seemed like your typical alpha male v. alpha male type of thing. I honestly do not think their was any relation. As for the writing possibly just being a foreseen opportunity due to the bullet, perhaps. We obviously do not know the answer so naturally it is within the realm of possibility. That being said, I don’t think it was written because of this “national holiday” as I’ve heard it referred to from some kids. I think it is more likely just an EXTREMELY ill mannered prank. However, its better to err on the side of caution and the inclusion of the “4/20” date seemed to strike the tone of being in Columbine’s memory. If you look at some of the facebook pages from the FHS students, the general attitude seems to be anger towards whoever did this (most of them appear to be assuming its a prank) For a lot of these kids they are now missing their AP reviews and will leave for spring break after Thursday. The rest of the statuses give a vibe of nervousness and fear.

    Hopefully this is all resolved because until it is, students will probably feel unsafe.