The law and lawyers (part deux)

Son #2 received word he’s in for three years of law school at Marquette.

God help us all. 😉


  1. Good for him, I wish him well.

  2. Congratulation to him! It will make for an interesting 3 years for you also. I never realized how hard law students work; how one can study, read, research, write ….without ceasing, seemingly. I wish him well in his journey. And I wish for him a great job!

    What timing, after your post on evaluting the value of education.

  3. Uhem. It’s what he wants. I’m just along for the ride.

  4. congrads. a time of pride to be part of a noble profession

  5. Wilson828 says:


    You must be very proud of him. He must be proud of himself too. Boy that’s great. Good school too.

    We raised an accountant. He has his masters in accountancy. He’s very smart. So. We have a built in free tax service right? Wrong. “I don’t do taxes dad.” “What, you didn’t study taxes in school at all?”. All that money for his education and I’m still paying to have my taxes done. Somehow it doesn’t seem fair or right.