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  1. Have fun, and if you see my future wife bring her home with you.

  2. We just returned from a week in DC. Were invited to tour the White House, which was apparently a hot ticket. Very few tours allocated and only so many allowed per congressperson/senator. This was according to the family from New York who were unable to get a tour and inquired further into the criteria.

    We found it amusing that thousands of people were lined up in front of the White House gates thinking they could just “walk in.” We had to request the tour months in advance and be checked out by the Secret Service. Had to pass two lists requiring photo ID and then airport style screening. No personal items other than cell phones and wallets allowed: no cameras, no backpacks, no purses, no food, water. No lockers to store anything, you had to leave it in your hotel room if it wasn’t allowed. Nevertheless worth it and was well run: we had the place almost to ourselves, more Secret Service than tourists.

    More amusing were the foreigners who thought they should be able to walk in with no prior arrangements. Given the fact that many US citizens/taxpayers were turned down for tours, the notion that foreigners should expect to waltz in unannounced was laughable. They were referred to their embassies.

  3. I saw it in the early 80’s. I guess I’m glad for that, as it is work to get there now. I remember then Senator Don Nickles sitting down with us for a half hour chat. We were 21 and 25! Can you imagine? Still he was a native of Ponca City as were we, and he had known the spouse’s mother quite well.

    I miss government being that close to the average guy. A lot.