Did Obama have a birth certificate faked?

My girlfriend asked yesterday why Obama has spent buckets of money to keep anyone from getting access to his birth certificate only to release it now.

This man does a bang up job with the White House document to show how it may not be as it appears. I don’t know Illustrator, but I do know Photoshop, and layers are a magical thing. It’s hard to believe this guy is faking. Later tonight I think I’ll play with it a bit myself. (Photoshop is so addictive.)

H/T: Real Debate


  1. Wilson828 says:

    this young kid should get a job

    sorry … i don’t buy any of this foolishness

    and i think less of trump now than i ever did before – totally discredited …

  2. The kid said it’s what he does for a living. I think Trump has been awesome, not because of this paper, but because he’s driving issues.

  3. I don’t do conspiracy but this kid sounds legit. Interesting the kind of digital trails these things leave.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    If someone else with the knowledge this guy used to make his case can replicate the same findings, this is huge. It’s right there. This doesn’t mean Obama was not born in Hawaii, but it could mean his Birth Certificate has been altered by someone. I believe what I see–and I’ll believe it totally if someone duplicates what this guy is showing. This could be just off the charts.

    I fully suspect this particular “copy” to be pulled from the Obama site.

  5. I tried, but I can’t do it here. My Illustrator disk is at home. I’ll follow up in a couple of weeks.

  6. Here’s a counterpoint to the issue. Now I have two things to try.

    It seems plausible that Adobe would scan in layers according to color saturation. That appears to be this guy’s argument. I’m not that sophisticated a user, so I can’t say for certain without playing on my own.

  7. It could be the scanner setting and nothing to do with Photoshop. You can get a funky color output on an image if the scanner is set to black and white line art versus a color image. I suspect the layering maybe related to the scan being unprofessionally scanned. I don’t buy into any conspiracy on this. If they were going to doctor up a document I’d think it be flawless to avoid just this type of conversation.

  8. J. Strupp says:

    I have no idea why this guy didn’t want to publicize his birth certificate for the last few years. Absolutely no idea.

  9. John Foust says:

    No idea? The birther phenom was hilarious.

    So Cindy, you still find it hard to believe the YouTube explanation could be wrong? Next time, you’ll wait for the expert analysis and forensic exam? Or will the instant conspiracy still hypnotize you?

  10. there are birther laws pending, birther lawsuits pending and everyone has an opinion. lets get the backgroud, qualifications and education of the fellow first. he would make a good expert witness if he is credible. there are many many flawed birth certificates for many many reasons. underage people join the military, unwed mothers are confused, underage kids want a beer, underage kids want a job and some people want privacy. of course, the President is open to scrutinize, even those deceased President who are the subjects of books . we have well educated citizens who cannot get a job. pols talk about it every day and do nothing. we have wars going on that break the bank. we have immigration out of hand , crime right out in the open and drug cartels doing business in our country. each day wasted in DC for political gain is a day wasted in our lives.

  11. MuskieGo says:

    It appears that the layers are created by Adobe when you optimize the document. I watched a video where a guy reproduced the layers on his own birth certificate.


  12. Dear John, did you not see my follow up comment? I guess you aren’t one to pay attention to detail once you’ve set your opinion.

  13. MuskieGo, thanks for that link. It appears our initial Illustrator expert may not have had that knowledge.

    I still look forward to playing with it all when I get home. I love learning from stuff like this. Adobe products are infinite. I don’t think you ever get to know it all.

  14. Randy in Richmond says:

    Strupp asks a great question. You say, ” The birther phenom was hilarious,”. Then why did Obama release the document ? Did something change ?

  15. John Foust says:

    Who knows. Maybe Obama didn’t want it to continue into the next election cycle. Maybe he knew it would be fun to watch the imagined controversy to continue.

  16. Gee Foust do you put as much effort towards denouncing 911 truthers?

    Somehow I doubt it.

  17. Dennis Miller is pretty funny out of the gate on this subject.

  18. Once again John Foust shows why he’s the answer to the question nobody asked.

    He’s the blogosphere’s version of herpes.

  19. Anonymous Politico says:

    I was able to duplicate what he did on video using CS3 Illustrator. This is a major problem for Obama. The video is completely valid.

  20. J. Strupp says:

    Yeah the White House faked a birth certificate and forgot to cover Obama’s rearend from the people who know how to use CS3 Illustrator.

  21. I know you can flatten layers in Photoshop, save as a jpg and then save as a pdf and the layers wouldn’t show. Can you do that in Illustrator, Politico? If so, I wonder why they didn’t.

  22. Wilson828 says:

    I think the perfect GOP candidate team would be Trump and Palin. A perfect match. They compliment each other perfectly.

    Even some of the latest polls suggest so. http://bit.ly/hwIDOH

  23. John Foust says:

    Uhm, yeah, Fred, it’s a conspiracy. There’s probably also an absense in my writings about moon hoaxes, too. Exactly what “effort” are you seeing from me here?

    Seeker, what’s your beef, and does your bravery and incivility increase because of your anonymous ID?

    Cindy – maybe a machine made the PDF.

  24. John Foust says:

    Wilson – I heard that Trump is going to ask for Trig’s birth certificate next.

  25. Someone should probably ask for yours, JF. A pure bred jack ass that can use a computer is a bit of a novelty, I’m sure.

  26. Anonymous Politico says:

    There is a way you can flatten the layers, but I’m not quite sure how to do that. Maybe I’ll have to stay at a Holiday Inn or something.

  27. Anonymous Politico says:

    We can send a man to the moon, then send a space shuttle into orbit, then cancel the space shuttle program so we can hitch a ride with the Russians, but the White House cannot fake a birth certificate. I mean really.

  28. Wow, what a let down! Sorry to see there’s not more to do in Paris to keep you busy. {:-)

  29. I’m pacing myself, RMS. 🙂