Where’s Waldo ?

I don’t have Photoshop. I use a free photo handling program called FastStone. This is an enlargement I made from the Obama website. The layering being discussed is beyond my computer ability. But this signature looks, well, interesting. The “D” has pixels but the rest of the signature is solid. Maybe someone who is computer savvy can tell me if this is significant or means nothing. I’m not intrested in your political opinion, only the technical aspects which I find engaging .


  1. jimspice says:

    I can’t believe this is still happening. I had predicted that once the long form were presented it STILL wouldn’t be good enough for people who already had their minds made up.

    Presumably, any doctoring would need to be done to the original, which, of course, has no “layers.” Depending on the scanning method, different layers can be introduced, but these are entirely artificial in construct. The scanning software, for example, could notice the separation between the characters in your image, assume they belong to different elements or even different types of elements (i.e. layers) and process them accordingly and differently.

    Any forensic analysis of the document would need to be on the original, and while electronic analysis might be one tool used in the process, the practitioner would need to be an expert aware of every detail of the software used and the constructs it might introduce.

    But of course, if taking the word of some kid on Youtube is more up your alley…

  2. Anthony says:

    The signature does look a little modified. I think it’s so that others can’t somehow take it and forge it onto documents, like anybody would want to do that.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    You are correct that my mind was made up prior to the release of the “long form” certificate. I have always thought that Obama was born in Hawaii. The purpose of this post is to follow up on the internet discussion about whether the document was altered or changed–not about the place of birth.

    Your discussion is revealing but since it is couched with “presumably, depending, can be, could, and assume”, there is room to at least debate the issue. My guess is that the document has been out long enough that if there was any monkey business going on a reputable challenge would have surfaced. Time will tell.