Osama bin Laden is Dead

Some late night good news. Osama bin Laden was killed by American Special Forces in Pakistan. Apparently he was shot in the head as a firefight ensued.


  1. Lynn N. says:

    The US government has already announced that they will be ramping up their security measures in fear of retaliation by Bin Laden’s supporters.

    Anyone opposed to TSA’s tyrannical tactics is invited to join us at Boycott Flying on Facebook.


  2. Well, I crawled out of bed this morning (granted, after really sleeping in again) and heard the news. I’m still not sure how I feel about it. Bin Laden has been our national boogie man for years. It’s kind of hard to give him up, I think.

    I’m watching Al Jazeera in English for a different perspective. I must say, they sound as pleased as can be.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    As a rule we can all recognize class and humility when we see it. When I heard Rep. Gary Ackerman’s (D-NY) comments after last night’s takeout of bin Laden what came to my mind was what a complete lack of class and politicization by this hack at the time of a good thing happening for America. Ackerman stated ” this is the mission accomplished moment Bush fantasized about”.


  4. Wilson828 says:

    This was our generation’s “hitler”.

    Let him rot in hell.

  5. J. Strupp says:

    Quick questions I have:

    Bin Laden was killed in a fortress a short distance from the Pakistani capital. Is there any doubt that this man was being harbored by the ISI?

    Now that Bin Laden is dead, do we have any legitimate reason to continue our operatons in Afghanistan at the current levels put forward by the administration? I believe we are scheduled to stay there for the next 4 years at more or less the same troop levels as we currently have on the ground now.

    Is the “War on Terror” over? There is no viable replacement for Bin Laden as head of the Al Qaeda organization. Al Qaeda becomes just another disorganized terror group with his death, no?

  6. ditto Wilson. i have lived through both hitler and ben laden. for their own reasons both hated the USA and the feeling is mutual. cindy, this modern day satan was not a “boogie man” who scares peope. he was a cold blooded killer. ditto Wilson. for all to know. do not question our military operations, the navy seals or the grit determination to protect our country. we are in this together.

  7. “Al Qaeda becomes just another disorganized terror group with his death, no?”

    We hope. I don’t know. I’m not fond of our war engagements either.

  8. Anonymous Politico says:

    Now we can pull out of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

  9. Wilson828 says:

    No. Wrong Anonymous Politico.

    We can’t pull out of Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya.

    Have you learned nothing over the past 10 years?

    This is about oil. Money. And balance of power.

    Do you know why gas prices are so high right now? It’s because of the civil unrest in Libya.

    Ours is a global economy. You cannot stick your head in the sand.

    And freedom comes at a price too. It’s not free. Running away and hiding isn’t the solution and never has been.

  10. I’m pretty sure he was being facetious, Wilson828. Still, that’s exactly what will be expected by Obama’s base.

  11. Anonymous Politico says:

    It is true, I was being facetious. However, one thing I know for sure, Barack Obama is one hell of a neo-con.

  12. in my humble opinion the job is done. move on move on. in the military we were told to shoot to kill. nothing has changed. do not question the present administration. if you need proof, then question the Seals. of course, they wont talk but beware of questioning their integrity. they were there. the pols were not. i have no problem in showing the half blown off face and even the dna. but there is no need for us to know the contents of the intelligence gathered. we in the USA should be so grateful that we have peace and prosperity ( cell phones, i pods, cars, homes, computers, tv sets, happy hours, clothes and a feeling of security. we have not yet even had inflation and it will come. all in all in all, we the people are so very fortunate to live in comfort and in freedom that sometimes we forget. as for the politicians i say that the average person with average intelligence who runs for public office will never be the same. more apprehension and more doubt about being a normal person. OBL is dead. joy to the world.

  13. Randy in Richmond says: