Republican caucus fails to act for Voter ID

From We’re Watching Wisconsin Elections Campaign:

Today the Assembly Republicans met in caucus to discuss the Voter ID Bill and an number of amendments relating to our elections. The caucus failed the citizens of the state of Wisconsin because they did not make the decisions on the amendments needed to finalize the bill! We are very disappointed!

Today would be Wednesday, May 4th.

Come on Governor Walker. A little leadership on this one, please?


  1. jimspice says:

    So this means, what, we are now REQUIRED to vote multiple times?

  2. Anonymous Politico says:

    This is the most common-sense election law reform package we’ve seen since Jim Doyle vetoed it 3 times. Republicans need to find the moral courage to pass this thing and sign it into law “collective bargaining style.”

  3. frankly, i have not followed the technical points of voter ID legislation. my impression is that it is all about the identification of the person voting. with the low voting statistics it is hard to believe that someone would cheat. if that is true then the poll workers have a tremendous burden to perform for what they are paid. i can see using the drivers license as the ID but many do not have valid driv ers licenses. by forcing everyone including the elderly to attend the voting day in person is harsh in this day and age. if that goes then so does the senior citizen vote. cloistered nuns denied their vote because of a lack of witness is a denial of due process. considering that today we have robotic witnesses to real estate documents and judge’s signatures, it is a small thing. you cannot please them all but you can please most. a candidate for public office who seeks illegal votes should be denied the opportunity to be elected, if proven. c/mon folks we all want to win but is not your reputation more important ? mine has always been.