Wisconsin 2011 Assembly Bill 7: Voter ID

I thought I’d read it and provide an overview. Forget that. Here’s the bill from the state website. Starting in on it caused my eyes to glaze over very quickly.

And that’s too bad. I love source documents, but I prefer them to be understandable. I’m afraid on this one I’m going to have to rely upon others. Just know that as you start your arguments against Voter ID, I know how to use my browser’s search feature. Stupid talking points, especially inaccurate ones, won’t be tolerated.

Now, one of the things I was looking for is the change from 10 days to 28 for residency. The MJS reported it a few days ago, but it doesn’t seem to be in the bill.

Anyone have history?


  1. The ten day rule still exists for voting for President and Vice President only. Section 6.15(1).
    I cannot find any reference to any other requirements for residency within the bill itself.

  2. Right. Because you know, that’s all a ballot has on it – the place to vote for president and vice president. 😉

    Something’s weird on this one. Wouldn’t the change be in the bill? I guess I’ll go back and look for other things with numbers to see what I can scurry up.