Because Wisconsin needs at least one gay Senator at all times

Rep. Tammy Baldwin thinks she’ll run. (For those of you living under a rock, though Senator Kohl wasn’t “out” he is our current gay Senator.)

1) Oh what fun! And on a Friday afternoon!

2) Baldwin’s news puts a possible Feingold run at about 10% in my book. The Democrats in this state can not bear to be so disorganized that Baldwin would declare without Feingold being known to not run.

3) Oh what fun!


  1. Yeah, just like Barbara Lawton ran for governor, right? This has got to be the teaser candidate to get Republicans excited, right?

    When I thought Ryan shouldn’t run, I was just assuming he would be up against Feingold. If Tammy was the best the Dems could do, Ryan would trounce her.

    Maybe the Dems are just trying to suck Ryan into the race so they can have a chance of destroying the best (along with Rubio) rising star in our party.

  2. The Lorax says:

    I’m betting Feingold won’t run. I don’t think Ryan will run either. He is more powerful in the House than he ever will be in the Senate – and it’s not like he’ll lose his House seat.

    Some people suggest he may be “given” a leadership post in the Senate to sweeten the deal. Those people obviously don’t know how the Senate works.

  3. “Some people suggest he may be “given” a leadership post in the Senate to sweeten the deal. Those people obviously don’t know how the Senate works.”

    Indeed. The only plausible reason Ryan would run for Senate is that he: a) wants to become president in 2016 AND b) feels some experience in the Senate will help him towards this goal. But the more I read, the more I am starting to think both of these things may be true.

    One thing I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere is how Ryan’s decision will affect the redistricting process. i would imagine that you draw Ryan’s district differently if he is running vs. if he is not.

  4. The Lorax says:

    Feingold is getting an incredible amount of pressure to run right now. Incredible.

    Ryan would have already announced if it weren’t for his Medicare proposal. 80% of Americans are against it and he’s taken a schellacking at his town halls.

    I’m always a little hesitant to relate this to presidential ambitions. Everyone SAYS he would make a good president, and that he is a rising star, but I’ve never seen any hints from Rep. Ryan himself that that is his ambition.

  5. Which is why he’d be a good president and is a rising star. He’s not one to toot his own horn, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, he should carefully mean what he says and say what he means.

  6. jimspice says:

    I’d like to see your evidence that Kohl is gay.

  7. 🙂 That’s cute jimspice. Heck, even The Lorax let that one go.

  8. The Lorax says:

    Yeah, it’s true. Also not something to be used as an insult. There are many reasons remain in the closet, and he was never anti-gay so I have no bones to pick there.

    Then again, maybe he’s stepping away from public life because of the increased talk about his sexuality. I was at an event once and witnessed a man crack a joke about “Where’s Kohl’s boyfriend tonight?” within earshot of the Senator.

    I thought he was kind of a reticent senator – but he’s surely not a bad guy or a terrible senator.

    And conservatives – Cindy included – always talk about how they don’t care if someone is gay, as long as they don’t go around talking about it. Sen. Kohl did just that. He’s old guard for sure.

  9. John Foust says:

    What is this, Boots and Sabers?

  10. There jimspice, it’s because The Lorax said so.

    I don’t think it’s a big deal, and not being out probably has something to do with his age. The title of the blog is to make us think, and there’s a chance that’s been happening. I mean, every state gets two Senators, right? Why is Wisconsin compelled to have one who is gay for the majority of my time here? Is 50% of the state gay? As far as representation, I don’t have a problem with a House member representing as such, but a Senator? Not so easy to argue. I don’t have much against being gay, but I will confess, the priorities of one who is gay and active in politics often differ from my own.

  11. “Is 50% of the state gay?”

    If we use your standard of proof? Yes. Yes it is.

  12. No, my standard of proof is The Lorax. We’d have to ask him to weigh in.

  13. John Foust says:

    Excellent following of the Cindy logic, Mr. Spice.

  14. I still say it doesn’t work until The Lorax gives us his opinion.

  15. John Foust says:

    What about talking about shiny boots and guns? Would that help? Oh what fun!

  16. Ryan doesnt toot his own horn? Would that be paul ryan your talking about? Seriously?

    paul ryan should say what he means and mean what he says…….why start now? he has ignored that advice his whole career and its turned him into a rock star wirh the wall st. apologists.

    Just to clarify, how many gay supreme court justices should wisconsin have at one time?

    Cue seeker……

  17. Hey, I’m more content with the idea of 1/12th of Wisconsin being represented as gay than 50%.

  18. Anonymous Politico says:

    I’m so looking forward to more infighting and back stabbings amongst Republicans in this state. (If I were talking to you in person, you would be able to note my sarcasm.) However, I remain hopeful that adult supervision might prevail in the 2012 U.S. Senate race in Wisconsin.

  19. I hope Republicans (Mark Neumann, this is said for your benefit) understand the importance of either an even-footed primary, or frankly, no primary if Ryan runs. I was a Neumann fan for governor and still think he would have done a fine job, but that primary was hard on the state’s right-sided thinkers.

    Walker and Neumann had similar skill sets, though Neumann was more conservative. Ryan, however, is a force of nature and should not be interrupted.

  20. Anonymous Politico says:

    True enough, Cindy. I have a hard time believing Paul Ryan will run for the U.S. Senate. He’s in a great position already. With that said, one scenario where he might run for U.S. Senate involves cutting a deal with Republican leadership in the U.S. Senate where he’ll have a seat at the table (committee chairmanship) should he win. I’m sure the folks over at the National Republican Senatorial Committee are already falling over themselves trying to get a decision out of Ryan. If Ryan stays out, then I think it gets interesting on the Republican side. That is where adult supervision will be needed.

  21. Adult supervision? Does that happen in Republican politics?

  22. The Lorax says:

    Then again, Cindy, if we talked about Wisconsin always being represented by men you might change your tune.

  23. Wouldnt the correct answer be 2/7….

    Ryan will be damm lucky to hold his own seat much less get a promotion. 17% unemployment in his district coupledwith trying to destroy Medicare isnt really a winning campaign strategy!

  24. Ryan lucky to hold his seat? Don’t you realize how you discount any other sound argument you may have when you say stuff like that?

  25. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’m sure Ryan is shaking in his boots about re-election in his district since he only received 68 % of the vote 6 months ago.

  26. how much did mike huebsch win his seat by… about luther olsen? ….Ryan has an advantage of being (R-Wall ST) and has unlimited resources but its a new year. It cost him 2 million to beat Marge krupp, while heckenlively is a nice guy hardly a credible candidate. Now he has someone campaigning against him for a year(see Sean duffy), and he is running around touting the wonders of ending medicare. Not only are the polls heavily tilted against this, the republican party is running away from him faster than the road runner hightails it from Wile E Coyote.

  27. Randy in Richmond says:

    Please provide a link where Rep. Ryan touts that he wants to end Medicare.

  28. @Jim (comment #6) Cindy doesn’t need proof Sen. Kohl is gay; just because she says it, it must be so!

    However, what I’m wondering is why Cindy felt the need to include her assertion about Sen. Kohl’s sexual orientation in her post, if for no other reason than to be snarky.

  29. It was because Tammy Baldwin was wanting to run, and I feel Wisconsin has been over-represented in the gay agenda proportionate to the population of the state.

    And besides, The Lorax said so, too. Are you saying he isn’t?

  30. what exactly is the “gay agenda”

  31. Gay marriage, for one. Public sector benefits for partners. Things that both erode my pocketbook and my social environment. And that’s the last I’ll say. This is not going to turn into a pounding on gay rights because a couple of liberals are bored with their own blog.

  32. Ah, so just because Cindy Kilkenny and “The Lorax” say Sen. Kohl is homosexual makes it so.


    As to your comment about my blog, I’m not bored; I’m just interested in hearing your thoughts on why Sen. Kohl’s alleged sexual orientation has any bearing on his decision not to run for reelection.

    Thanks for clarifying your point though; it’s good to know you’re no fan of equality if that means extending rights to homosexuals.

  33. Progressives. There is a difference. Also not bored just expandingy horizons and you have the most sane righty blog I can find.

    I agree about the social environment! Newt for president.

  34. Zach: “I’m just interested in hearing your thoughts on why Sen. Kohl’s alleged sexual orientation has any bearing on his decision not to run for reelection.” You made that up. If that’s how you read it, then try again. I never said it, never even implied it.

    I’m fat. We are all discriminated against in some way. No new laws to level a playing field when they actually tilt it.

    Jeff, I forgot. You aren’t a Democrat either, you just pay dues to the organization. 😉 Thanks for calling this jumble sane. Sad state on the world, huh?

  35. I didn’t make it up, but I’d love to hear what your point was in mentioning Sen. Kohl’s supposed sexual orientation.

    As for your being fat=being gay comparison, that’s apples to oranges, at least in my opinion, but then again I’m not a believer in the notion that homosexuality (or sexuality in general terms) is something one controls, as if it’s just as easy as flipping a light switch on and off.

  36. dont get cocky…its all relative. Sane compared to your competition 😉

  37. Randy in Richmond says:

    You seem to be awfully concerned about whether or not Sen. Kohl is gay–you even use the word “alleged”. You keep demanding proof.
    Why ? Based on what you’ve said here it should not matter one iota what anyone’s sexual orientation is, or isn’t. But your continuously commenting about it speaks volumes.

  38. jimspice says:

    “Gay agenda.” I love that phrase. It always brings to mind something you you’d get before a “gay meeting,” sort of like the “gay minutes” you’d receive after it.

  39. John Foust says:

    And then you ride your gay car to get gay drinks. I wonder if Cindy will explain why she brought it up.

  40. How about Zach and Jeff get control of the goons on their blog (Zuma Bound, Steve Carlson) before commenting on how other blogs are run?

  41. John Foust says:

    Seeker, do you have a blog? Isn’t that kinda meta to complain about people on other people’s blogs, when you did it on someone else’s blog? Do you think we should undertake a comprehensive approach to eradicating goons from Cheddarsphere blogs? Are you suggesting that we should ask blog owners to police their own blogs and ban offensive commenters?

  42. seeker can call them goons all he wants, but my commenters are nothing compared to the group over at Badger Blogger.

    Now those are some goons.

  43. And we all know Seekey knows those guys VERY well

  44. How cute. Syph and Clap post within 15 minutes of one another with the “I know you are but what am I” defense.

    At least Jeffrey is posting outside working hours. His management team at New Balance might give him a gold star.

  45. neither major political party has a monopoly on the right to privacy. the press and hungry news people will see to that. cindy makes a pure political assessment, that the pols make each day in discussing strategy, and even much more brutal. WI. choices for US Senate differ in a more pragmatic sense than for Governor. remember the old adage that the vice president and president must come from different sections of the country and even have some different personal and religious beliefs.

  46. There are Republican gays and lesbians. How does sexual orientation affect how you vote? That is ridiculous and offensive. Approximately 1/3 of gay people vote Republican. The Republican party needs to get their head out of the sand and stop wasting everyone’s time on their homophobia.