Democrats prioritize how to spend a few million

Extra security in Madison for the chaos Dems created is good, but voter ID is bad.

It’s your money. Where would you prefer it be spent?


  1. How about we get a responsible, intelligent administration instead of the bully boys we have now, keep elections free and put that $14 M to doing something practical, like repairing all the damage these fools have already cost the state.

  2. You walked completely around the fact that Dems caused more than $7 million in extra costs to the state and voter ID will cost less to implement.

  3. The Dems are responsible for Walker’s paranoia?

    There were no significant arrests even though hundreds of thousands of people were there every single day for months. There was no violence. Perhaps if Walker would have taken his Haldol, we could have avoided this whole ugly mess.

  4. Come on. You can’t put thousands of people on the lawn of the capitol without increasing foot patrol. Maybe there were no arrests because extra protection was in place.

    You know this is bad or you wouldn’t be so defensive.

  5. Yes, it is bad. Walker is still violating a court order by having access to the Capitol hindered and he is also violating state law by having state troopers acting as palace guards. The cost being reported doesn’t include the fines the state will have to pay for all of misdeeds of Walker and the Fitzies.

  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    Which Court Order and which state law ?

  7. Capper you are a hoot. Thanks for the Friday Night Funnies.

  8. The court order forbidding them from hindering access to the Capitol, especially when one of the bodies are in session.

    Two state laws actually. One forbidding taking troopers from patrol and reassigning them and one forbidding sending troopers after the Fab 14.

  9. John Foust says:

    Let me get this straight: People can’t demonstrate and assemble because it costs too much.

  10. No, people can’t complain about the state spending money on a little demonstration and then also complain when money is spent to right the voting identification issue in Wisconsin, especially when the second is to be less than the first.

    I know it’s a difficult argument, but I bet if you try you can get your head around in John Foust.

  11. John Foust says:

    Voter ID is a legislative solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. It’s a solution that will certainly make it more difficult for many to vote. You want to bet a doughnut on whether future voting numbers will show that? And it certainly will have an expense. All because George Soros can’t figure out how to make fake IDs to give to ACORN, right?

    What you’re really saying is that the protesters shouldn’t have protested because it’ll cost money to replant the lawn. Nothing about FitzWalker’s crazed legislation and this GOP wet-dream session. What about the cost of the pendulum swinging the other way when these laws will get un-done in the future? Who will you blame for that, the Dems or the GOP?

  12. Big whoop, Mr. Foust. It looks like you are getting it anyway. Since your side spent so much money camping out at the capitol a couple of months ago, you don’t get to whine about the cost anymore.

    This post had nothing to do with replanting the lawn. It addressed the expense of providing the necessary police protection given the influx of protesters.

    PS: The nastier your language gets the better my argument looks.

  13. John Foust says:

    “Your side”? Is it all about the Other, the demonization? I never went to Madison. Might’ve enjoyed it for the spectacle. Thought about showing the kids. Nasty language? Hardly. Why, I don’t even stoop to suggesting that someone can’t “get their head around” an argument.

    FitzWalkerHuebsch were using the State police forces in a way that wasn’t quite legal. Are you upset about that? The crowd was large and noisy but not disruptive. Even the LEOs said so. So who ordered all that police protection, and why, and from what? Let’s think about that for a moment. Certainly Wisconsin has sustained one-party majorities in the past, as well as survived controversial legislation. What did Walker&Co. do differently that caused such a measurable reaction from the public? Who wrote the legislation? How was it created? How was it discussed? And you say “the Democrats caused this.” On what basis?

  14. Foust – you don’t hang to the left politically? Gosh, I’m sorry. I’ve completely misunderstood you all these years.

    And I mean it. Watch your language or I’ll start tossing your comments.

  15. So now we’ve gone from disenfranchising voters to, “making it more difficult to vote”.

    Factually, voter ID will make it more difficult to vote more than once in each election.

  16. With any luck they’ll understand they lost this one and roll over. I doubt it, though. They’ll likely be running to the courts as fast as possible. Maybe Judge Sumi can make a career out of TROs that cover the Democrats’ wishlist.

  17. Actually and factually, TerryN, voter suppression causes up to a 15% drop in voters. Considering that there has never been any credible evidence that massive voter fraud has occurred, it’s pretty obvious that this is voter suppression. Furthermore, it does not address the largest area where voter fraud can occur, which is absentee balloting. Then again, that has been shown to be a forte of the right, so they don’t want to address any of the actual problems.

    And I’m surprised that Cindy, who complains about every penny being spent, is OK with all this money being spent on a problem that doesn’t exist except in the feverish paranoid rantings of the extremists.

  18. Actually and factually, Capper, how can you prove this is voter suppression?

    We had a talk about this, didn’t we? You can’t complain about the cost of implementing voter ID since you are so ok with the cost to manage the protest crowds.

  19. I do recall pointing out that this was an unnecessary expense, and that it isn’t even done yet. Apparently, you have successfully suppressed all memory of his time as county exec, or you would see the pattern reforming.

    I look forward to your complaints of when the bills come due.

  20. That’s ok. I can just point my finger at the left for all those protest-related bills and it will make me feel a little better.

  21. Whatever you need to make it through the day, dear. It’ll just make it harder on you when reality does sink in.