The “Common” Touch

I expect most everyone has heard the ruckus raised over the invitation given by Michelle Obama to the rapper Common to attend an event on poetry at the White House. Some on the right as well as Fox News have objected to Common’s appearance based on the lyrics to selected songs (poems) he has recorded and performed in the past. While perhaps well intended by some it is my opinion this public condemnation is misguided and somewhat trivial in nature. I might even call it right-wing political correctness.

Some have said the White House is the people’s house and with that I fully agree. And wasn’t it appropriate that some of the people were represented by rapper Common in his brief visit. There’s a fine line to be drawn here and that is that Fox News can, perhaps should, have reported Common’s being there, as well as other media outlets, but leave the judgement of such a choice to who–the people. This was not a policy or I believe even a political decision to invite Common, but more an artistic choice. I don’t believe for a minute that our President or his wife condone police killing or rapping about same.

Here’s the “but”. If this, or any, President believes they can make choices in a vacuum and the American people will not perceive and appraise these choices critically, he is fooling no one but himself. It is on this level that any President should choose carefully the choices he makes for himself and the people’s house. Sometimes decisions made in small battles may cause one to lose the bigger war.


  1. good writing on a blah subject. the rapper vote will not win the election

  2. John Foust says:

    Ruckus from Fox News, you mean.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:
  4. As we have pointed out before Jon Stewart points out how ridiculous it is and blames Fox.

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    “we” ?

    This may surprise you Jeff but there are those of us who do not view Jon Stewart for the news. He is a very good comedian on a comedy network. You seem to think referencing Stewart for straight news gives you credibility here when it does not.

    While he makes fun of Fox News it is Fox that broadcasts news the MSM chooses not to show us. No network gives both sides of an issue better than Fox. All networks have their leanings but one gets the best across the board news from Fox. For years we never heard the “right” side of the news and Fox has served to level that playing field a little.

  6. Randy, I was just referring to your Jon Stewart links. Yet the Jon Stewart links made Johns point. thats all.

    As for fox showing “both sides” and the poor republicans being shut out of the media, that is too exhaustive of a topic that I dont have time for. maybe another day, or maybe over a beer sometime.

    As for fox showing both sides I agree. the extreme right and the far right!

  7. sorry that we was supposed to be as we have discussed before, since we have had this conversation a couple days ago.

    Here is a good link of stewart V o reilly