No Tommy No!

Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson wants to run for the Senate seat if Ryan passes, and it looks like Ryan will pass on a chance to be Senator.

Listen, Tommy, forget it.

I will say if Ryan passes former representative Mark Neumann has a stronger chance of landing the Republican nomination. If he runs against Tammy Baldwin, no problem. However, if the Dems manage a strong candidate, I don’t know. This state is still really purple and I don’t see both Senate seats going red.

There’s been talk of Kleefisch stepping in as a Senatorial candidate. (I can’t say anything nice about that, so I’ll shut up for now.)


  1. The Lorax says:

    So I was right. Now let’s see if his fundraising is as tepid as his joke of a presidential campaign.

  2. Anonymous Politico says:

    Tommy Thompson is hardly the poster child for Tea Party grassroots types, but I don’t think he has to be. I believe he could handedly run and win both the primary and the general. However, the question remains, does Thompson have enough political capitol to thwart any primary challengers? While most Republicans will probably bow to Thompson, what remains to be seen is what Mark Neumann will do. Yesterday, when asked if he would not run if Paul Ryan did, Neumann said, “I wouldn’t go that far.” Neumann is the least likely to bow to any external pressure at this point.

  3. Isnt Mark neumann just like Dave Westlake…perennial also rans who the people like but the Kochs dont so they have no chance of winning an election?

  4. Darn! Why didn’t I bet on Ryan not running? Should have trusted my gut. 🙂

  5. ‘This state is still really purple and I don’t see both Senate seats going red.”

    In my opinion, the vast majority of voters (especially those who are not political junkies like us) do not think in these terms.

  6. Jeff,

    If you’re going to slander me, come with facts. But as your community indicates, you clearly have anger management and behavioral issues that need to be resolved first.

    Otherwise don’t pollute a great blog.


  7. Seeker and Jeff: Get a room. Every time you do this to me you both leave in a huff and it isn’t pretty.

    Seeker, thanks for the compliment, but no more irrelevant links. Jeff Simpson, you have a blog for your own diatribes. Disagree with me, but cool it with the talking points.

    My blog. My rules. You don’t get control.

  8. Fair enough. I get tired of the little whiny manchild and his spewing garbage over perfectly good sites.

  9. The Egalitarian says:

    Will the Ghost of Medicare Part D come back to haunt Tommy?

    Will Tommy’s support of mandated health care also come back to haunt him?

    Tommy: “Just like people are required to have car insurance, they could be required to have health insurance.”

    I’m very afraid that big government Republicans will make a comeback in 2012.

    Haven’t we learned our lesson?

  10. That’s a really good point about big-government Republicans. Thompson (Mr. Build that train!) and Gingrich are two of the biggest the party has. I’d love to use the past tense “had” and be done with them.

  11. The Lorax says:

    Had an interesting conversation about this on another blog…

    If Thompson is the nominee, a Dem will win. Remember his stunning presidential campaign? Yeah, most don’t…

    With Feingold, it isn’t so much that he’s burned out. It’s that he still can’t believe he lost. That campaign was run on fumes of arrogance. Believe me, I worked it. No one thought Wisconsin voters were stupid enough to choose Johnson over Feingold.

    Guess again!

    I like Tammy Baldwin. Some outstate voters will not like her “Madison” ties, but honestly it’s better than having “Milwaukee” ties for these rural peeps. Tammy would have a strong showing in Western Wisconsin, and the margin in Dane County would be historic.

    I don’t think we can afford to lose Ron Kind’s House seat and I don’t see him as particularly impressive. The DCCC will have something to say about that.

    Barbara Lawton? Nope. She’s been relegated in WI politics as an albatross of the Dopey Jim Doyle administration.

    I could go on…

  12. Honestly, I’d forgotten about Feingold. Listen, if he’s going to campaign on the fact that he lost to the other guy’s arrogance, he’s in trouble already.

  13. The Lorax says:

    Yeah, that’s kind what I was saying. I agree. And I love the guy…

  14. I dont bring in talking points, only truth telling!

    Feingold didnt lose to rojo’s arrogance he lost to rojo’s millions…..but now that we have seen rojo in action it isnt pretty. Luckily for him we have Sean duffy as an elected rep so rojo cant claim the dumbest rep in congress award.

    Lawton and doyle hated each other so she was far from his lackey

  15. Ooh, I disagree. Feingold had the biggest campaign account for miles around. We talked about that a lot here. Don’t make me dig through and find a link.

    “Rojo” as you call him isn’t a “rep in congress” Jeff, he’s a Senator. I’ll leave “dumbest” out of the argument as a favor to you.

  16. Feingold was not broke but rojo outspent him. He had a brilliant campaign strategy…spend millions on ads and stay as far away from the electorate as possible. We now know why!

    The Senate is part of the legislative branch…yes so I lumped them both together as one branch which they are. RoJo is in a battle with Sean duffy to see who will say the dumbest thing.

    Here is my submission for RoJo,,straight from Chuck:

  17. Randy in Richmond says:

    Hey JeSi, RuFe lost the election. It’s not about the how but the what, no matter how much you spin it. Sen. Johnson has 5 1/2 years to go. Join the real world and maybe show a little respect for the man that defeated your guy.

  18. True that. Feingold lost as an incumbent to an absolute newcomer. It’s interesting to think he’d even try a state-wide race again.

  19. can you say buyers remorse?

  20. To Johnson’s election? No way.

  21. The Lorax says:

    Jeff, you’re not doing our side any favors. Cool down, bro.

  22. sorry Lorax, Ive just paid attention to RoJo in his short time in office and boy is he embarrassing! he redefines lightweight!

  23. The Lorax says:

    I agree – but he deserves the respect due to someone of the office in which he serves.

  24. With at least 32 grammatical errors in this thread, I think Jeff Simpson is the last person to comment on perceived dumbness.

    “If you include the campaign spending reported by Feingold during the previous five years of the official election cycle (2005-2009), then Feingold’s spending total climbs to $19.4 million (about $5 million more than what Johnson spent) and the two candidates’ combined spending exceeds $33 million.”

  25. Thanks Seeker, that’s pretty much what I remembered, too. However, I will continue to caution you about pointedly calling out another commenter. Your comment is strong without it.

  26. The Lorax says:

    I don’t buy the “Johnson outspent Feingold” argument much because I don’t think it was decisive.

    That being said, I’m not sure its fair to include all of Feingold’s spending in the 5 years prior.

    I mean, don’t you think if Johnson ran against him for all 6 years he would have spent just as much, if not more?

  27. Anonymous Politico says:

    The more I think about it, the more I think Tommy Thompson will have to sell the Tommy Thompson “brand” to win the U.S. Senate seat. It will be harder for him to sell voters on what he can do to reform or change Washington, D.C. He’s no tea party savior like Ron Johnson. He’s no budget hawk like Paul Ryan. He’s certainly no “get in the face of Republican leadership even if it costs you a committee assignment” person like Mark Neumann. He’s just Tommy Thompson. He made us feel good about being a Wisconsinite. He was the state’s best cheerleader. Those were good days. If he can convince voters that he’s still that man, then he might get the nod.

    So, it really depends upon how this race gets defined. Any likely challenger to Tommy Thompson will have to define this race early, and on their terms.

    If it’s defined on issues, then Tommy Thompson is in trouble. I’m most concerned about his support for Medicare Part D and how it was estimated to cost only $400 billion – but now it’s more like $1.2 trillion.

    If Tommy Thompson succeeds in making this into a personality/popularity contest, then he coasts.

  28. It is the measurement of the campaign – the full cycle.

  29. The Lorax says:

    But those 5 years were not a campaign. Feingold wasn’t campaigning for reelection. It’s not a fair comparison. Johnson jumped in late.

  30. So he had to make up for lost time. Don’t whine about “it’s not fair.” It’s a campaign cycle. End of story.

  31. wasnt famed “budget hawk” Paul ryan a big fan of medicare part D?

  32. wasnt famed \\\”budget hawk\\\” Paul ryan a big fan of medicare part D?

    RoJo is a \”tea party\” savior\”? really?

    I never whined about what he spent I just correctly pointed out that his campaign was buy TV ads and stay away from the electorate.

  33. The Lorax says:

    You’re impossible.

  34. Jeff, you said, “Feingold didnt lose to rojo’s arrogance he lost to rojo’s millions.” You never said anything about TV ads.

    Can you not admit that you were proven wrong and walk away?