Town 1, City 0

On April 28, Mayor Ponto wrote an editorial for the Milwaukee JS in which he stated that:  “Despite numerous reports, the issue of where a Von Maur store will be located in this area is not, as yet, settled.”

About 3 weeks later, it appears as though resolution has been acheived. 

On JSOnline today, there is an article about the Von Maur development in which Jim von Maur, president of Von Maur is quoted as saying: “The Corners (the new name for the Town of Brookfield development) is without question the best location for our entry into Wisconsin.”

Score one for the Town.


  1. Ryan Morgan says:
  2. BrkfldDad says:

    I don’t believe the site location was ever an issue or was unresolved. The City was just posturing and hoping.

  3. I suspect you are correct, Bdad.

  4. City caught with pants down on this one, although I’m not sure what they could have done to change the outcome after the fact. I am not liking what I see at Brookfield Square lately though. Last time we walked in the mall proper (about a month ago,) all we saw were young (teen) mothers pushing strollers. Lots of people dressed in sagging jeans and baseball hats turned backwards. Lots of depressing kiosks and stores selling teen “hooker look” clothing, cell phones, sunglasses and other such stuff. Didn’t have the customer density of Mayfair, but then, there was nothing there to pull us in like Mayfair has. Spouse noticed this right away and asked “what happened here?” I guess the new Von Maur complex may be targeted at adults with some money to spend. Hopefully may draw some middle of the road to upscale stores likeTalbots, Chicos, Coldwater Creek, Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Resto Hardware, Eddie Bauer…a Travelsmith bricks and mortar store would be great…and some nice sit down restaurants…

  5. a little history . brookfield square once had a movie theatre where the price was modest and the atmosphere was pleasent. it also was not a speedway as it is today on bluemound rd. it did not have the high end eating places. now it needs a friendly gathering place for locals (they can figure it out) and better ingress and egress in and out of. an on site sort of marriott courtside hotel would be better than a place with expensive dinners. it has become a revenue making venture to stop the speeding cars on moorland coming off the x way. how about a nice little summer park to enjoy after shopping.

  6. Unfortunately, the tax rate and lease rates in the City of Brookfield are too high for small businesses who cater to the local, cost conscious senior trade, to survive. You can’t stay in business on friendly feelings alone.

    I can appreciate the “revenue making venture” that traffic stops comprise. Brookfield has too many cops, and their salaries must be paid somehow.

  7. BAS, that’s very true about producing a photo id to vote in the school elections. Is Elmbrook behaving outside of the law to demand such to this point? What does MPS do?