Pelosi is coming! Pelosi is coming!

What a way to interfere with my morning coffee ritual.

Nancy Pelosi is headed to Wisconsin tonight to campaign says The Hill. She’s headed to a senior center in Waunakee with Democratic Representative Tammy Baldwin.

Waunakee is a bit north of Madison on the other side of the lakes. I had to look. Over 10,000 people reside in the community! Whoa. That’s some heavy duty close campaigning.

Don’t you think this means Baldwin is running for the Senate?


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Pelosi is from California. That’s my connection.

    What are the odds of Gloria Allred ending up as Arnold’s housekeeper’s lawyer/spokesperson ? This will be a highly publicized affair and Ms Allred has never met a camera she didnt want to appear in front of. We’ll see.