Taking a day to step back and breath

I don’t get all personal on you guys now that I’ve got the other blog set up, but I thought it fair to let you know I’m a little tuned out today. The word came that my dad’s PSA was over 1,000, which means the chemotherapy that’s ravaged his body over the last year isn’t working as designed. Of course, I’m distracted. Put-the-milk-in-the-cabinet-and-the-knife-in-the-refrigerator distracted.

So I walked to the grocery store. I destroyed some weeds in the backyard. I finely chopped a wonderful mango salsa to eat with chicken tonight.

My heart’s not into it today.

You guys keep it up! This blog is a lot of fun for me, and I’m glad to see it so vibrant. I’ll probably be back tomorrow after my heart has absorbed the news.


  1. Our prayers are with you!

  2. Prayers for your family.

  3. Sorry to hear that Cindy, Prayers for your family from me also!

  4. So sorry to hear that Cindy… you and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers!

  5. Sorry to hear that and of course, your dad and your family are in my prayers.

  6. will pray for your family my friend

  7. You are all in my prayers.