59 percent of Hispanic women don’t have a photo ID

That number comes from the SEIU, so it’s not debatable. Of course they don’t provide a source, but it’s still not debatable. 😉

Among those who will need to obtain new identification to vote are over 177,000 elderly Wisconsinites, 17 per cent of white men and women, 55 per cent of African American men, 49 per cent of African American women, 46 per cent of Hispanic men, and 59 per cent of Hispanic women.

They also complain about the $6 million over two years for implementation. I did look through their site and could find no mention of them lamenting the $7.8 million they recently cost the state during the protests the SEIU helped to fuel.

I have to ask why 59% of a population would be so disconnected from society as to not have cause for a photo ID of any kind. One would presume they are citizens and eligible to vote, right?

H/T: A tweet from Vicki McKenna


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’m 6′ 3″ tall, weigh 220 lbs, date a former Playboy bunny, am a scratch golfer, my bowling average is 225, and Dance City will win the Preakness Race tomorrow.

  2. Wilson828 says:

    Ya know I was gonna comment about how I don’t care that so many are without a decent ID … and how they probably don’t vote anyway … and they are probably the most ignorant and vote wrong… blah blah blah

    But after reading Randy’s comment … I’m more interested in the Playboy bunny …. so Randy’s a player uh? Good for you… do tell more!

    (sorry Cindy … it’s a guy thing)

  3. Thank you gentlemen. I needed that.

  4. John Foust says:

    “The Legislative Fiscal Bureau said about 20 percent of Wisconsin residents do not have the type of identification required under the bill. A 2005 UW-Milwaukee study found that as many as 55 percent of black men and 46 percent of Latino men did not have a state driver’s license. It’s not known what percentage of those groups have other acceptable forms of photo ID.” (JSOnline)

  5. One would presume they are citizens and eligible to vote, right?

    Or cash a check? Buy cold remedies?

  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    Hello Wilson in (sometimes) County Door. Mine’s as true as their’s and I give the same number of sources.

  7. John Foust says:

    Dad29, to me that sounds like Big Government and the incrementalism of the Fascist Left. You think they should require ID to sell cold medicine? What about guns?

    Perhaps Dad29 has forgotten that his very first two blog posts ridiculed such random requirements for voting and for obtaining legal medications.

  8. Dad29 – good point.

  9. 53% of all statistics are made up.

  10. John Foust says:

    Yeah, Fred, the Legislative Fiscal Bureau is known for such trickery.

  11. I’m a liberal. In the sense that I don’t like government or other people interfering in my life: live and let live.
    However, I don’t see what the big deal is about producing an ID to vote. I have to produce an ID to vote at the local school board meetings. If the local school board demands photo ID, and I need photo ID to conduct many other transactions in life, then the need for a photo ID seems to be a necessity of 21st century life.

    So people need to get a photo ID or stop participating in the normal activities of daily living.

  12. My wife has not had a valid Wisconsin ID for over 5 years. We have not had any problems with any of our daily activities during that time. She even was able to cast a vote for David Prosser in April.
    We are now debating if it is worth the hassle of spending untold hours at the DMV to get a Wisconsin photo ID since the only thing she will not be able to do is vote–something she has done for over fifty years.

  13. It isn’t that bad Jim, go mid afternoon and you zip in and out.

  14. John, you should check your meds prescription. Apparently you\’re several doses behind.

    Try reading those posts again. Might help if you have a memory, of course…that way you\’d know why I rapped Nurse Rached…er….Judy, and exactly what the pharmacy-post WAS about.

  15. John Foust says:

    I’m med-free, always have been. It would be rude of me to suggest that medications were the reason that you or the WisGOP ignores the point raised by the Fiscal Bureau. I conclude the blinders are deliberate.

  16. Randy in Richmond says:

    Life must be different in Wisconsin. If I go to a college sporting event or concert–photo ID., any branch bank not my regular bank–photo ID, won a prize over the radio–photo ID, pick up certain prescriptions–photo ID, register for class–photo ID, sign insurance policy–photo ID, register to vote–photo ID, cash a check anywhere other than my branch bank–2 ID’s including –photo ID, sign in to my aunt’s retirement home–photo ID, apply for any loan–photo ID, get onto the White House grounds–photo ID, check into many hotels/motels–photo ID, pick up tickets at TicketMaster–photo ID, pick up tickets at will-call–photo ID, pick up plane ticket–photo ID, witness a will–photo ID, pick up a child at a school which is not a regular thing –photo ID, get a hunting, fishing license–photo ID, stay at many Federal campsites–photo ID,, get a library card–photo ID, get a passport–photo ID,…..there are many others and I’m not even going to get into those that are driver related–that’s not required. Each of those that are listed I have personally had to produce an ID.

  17. Jim, I just renewed my WI drivers license at the DMV office in Waukesha. I had to get a vision test and my photo taken. I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. My recent passport renewal required two photos, taken in a few minutes at Walgreens, and a mailed application. So I\’m good for 8 years with the DL, and 10 years with the recently renewed passport, both valid photo IDs. Seems like little effort.

  18. Randy life must be different in Wisconsin. Season ticket holder for UW football-no photo id has been required. Visit mother-in-law in nursing home-no photo id needed. Have not written a paper check in over 5 years. Company’s retiree drug plan gives us a 33% discount by using mail order for prescriptions-no photo id required. Have never been asked for a photo id when checking into a hotel-have only shown rewards program card with no photo. This has been done 15 times in the last year. Pick up my grandchildren at school no photo id required. We are either very lucky or our life has gotten much simpler since I retired. In our situation it just seems that we have not experienced the need for my wife to have a Wisconsin photo id.
    An interesting addition to our dinner discussions has been should we continue to contribute to the Republican party. This was added to the discussion since we have received contribution request letters from Senator Kapanke, Senator Darling, Gov. Walker, Rep. Ryan, the state Republican party and the National Republican party within the last week. That decision will depend what we decide to do concerning the photo-id. We also realize that this is our decision and that we understand the consequences of that decision. We also have time to reflect since there are no elections scheduled in our area until the spring of 2012 although we have decided to stop making any further campaign contributions until we decide.

    Two more events not requiring a photo-id–being admitted to a hospital for treatment and taking grandchildren to pediatrician for check-up.

  19. Really? I have (grrr) started to whip out a photo ID for each doctor visit. I was told it was to comply with a federal law. Hopefully there aren’t many doctors in my future for a while now.

    We stopped giving money to the party and campaigns ages ago. It was a tough decision because as a former candidate, I know how helpful it was to have that support. Still, now that it’s all so convoluted, I can’t say I’m disappointed in our decision.

  20. Cindy, some medical care providers have a more stringent interpretation of HIPAA laws than others. When I worked in a field that required I obtain medical charts for review, there was a wide variation in the interpretation of HIPAA laws. So some care providers might require photo ID to verify that the person at the check in desk is actually who they say they are.

    For those who drive, write checks, visit their bank to conduct a transaction, open a securities account, who travel by air, who check into hotels outside the US, a photo ID or passport is required. Even places that accept credit cards often ask for a second form of ID to verify identity. The airlines/hotels/vendors are dealing with terrorism and identity theft/credit fraud: requiring some photo ID is a way of combating those issues.

  21. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’m so happy for you. As I said life must be different in Wisconsin. I’ve done everthing I listed in the past 18 months.

    As an aside, if you try to pick up a child from a school here to, say, take them to the doctor and don’t show an ID, you will not get the child and if you persist the police will be called. If you pick them up on a regular basis, which I don’t, this would not necessarily be required–but could be.

  22. Cindy, your comments on campaign contributions are both interesting and helpful.
    We do not have your personal experience with campaign contributions. The only campaign contributions we have made that would be considered minimally important were for state assembly and state senate. The assembly seat is what one would consider a safe seat so our contribution would not be considered important. We also assume that redistricting will make the 5th senate seat a much safer seat so again our contribution would not be very important.
    I would assume after one or two election cycles we would see a decrease in mail volume.

  23. Randy the interesting aspect to all of this is that we support the photo-id legislation. We even have my wife’s expired Wisconsin drivers license with her photo.

    As far as the rules for picking up a child, I do not know what the laws are in Wisconsin. I do know that my daughter calls the school to let them know we are picking up one of our grandchildren.
    They are waiting at the entrance with the office assistant and, when the grandchild points us out or waves to us, the child is allowed to leave the school. We have only done this a handful of times during the six years they have been in school.

  24. Randy in Richmond says:

    We had a child here picked up in one of the school systems by a father who had split with his wife over a weekend. The child is still who knows where with the father, but the school boards reacted to the highly publicized event and thus we are all assumed kidnappers.