60 day limit expires

President Barack Obama has made no effort to comply with the rule that he must have a declaration of war from Congress after that 60 period.

Obama = warmonger. There’s no way around it.


  1. It is ok, he has a (D) after his name.

  2. John Foust says:

    Of course Obama has continued the undeclared wars started by previous Presidents, costing us untold billions in cash. So you are opposed to the war, opposed to warmongers? Or is this just one of those Obama attacks that are only about his unkept promises, and not about the underlying issue?

  3. So nice that John implies the race card when we have a flagrant violation of the War Powers Act.

  4. John Foust says:

    Race card? Where on Earth do you see that? Yup, it’s a violation of the War Powers Act. When did it start? With Obama?

  5. So in summary it’s OK for Obama to violate the war powers act because he lied about getting us out of Iraq and Afghanistan on the campaign trail.

    What a gullible voting bloc he has…

    Where is (Sgt.) Ed Shultz on this?

  6. John Foust says:

    I love it when people act surprised when a politician doesn’t keep a campaign promise.

  7. Two wrongs also don’t make a right. Scott Walker’s war powers are limited to terrorist groups like public unions.

    Hope and change. Transparency.

    Admit you’re a Obama cultist, Foust, and move along.

  8. Randy in Richmond says:

    You know a newspaper’s investigation is neutral when it uses the term “conservative” to refer to a group of elected officials. Your link, John, to Politifact didn’t connect me to any tax increases but did point out 3 reductions of tax credits. It’s fun to play with words like in the past– “jobs saved” , “overseas contingency operation”, “man caused disaster”, or global climate disruption”.

    What a tax credit reduction does is decrease the amount the government sends back to an individual , in many cases to someone who pays no taxes at all.

    Net taxes will decrease about $34 million and increased fees will generate about $110 million under the Governor’s proposed budget. You might not like how he did it but he kept his promise.

  9. John Foust says:

    Seeker, your blinders are too tight. Here I am agreeing that Obama didn’t keep his promise, and you think I’m a cultist. You hear voices that say I brought up a “race card” but you don’t explain.

    Randy, of course it’s all about framing. When the government hands a big tax break to business, Republicans clap. When Walker increases tax revenue, you clap and call it a victory, even though it contradicts his promise of saying “I’m not looking”, even when Todd Berry calls it an increase… you’re ready to carry the water.

  10. “about the underlying issue”

    Which is also the term Jimmy Carter used to insinuate any criticism of Obama as racism.

    Go back to stalking E-list celebrities and other bloggers.

  11. John Foust says:

    That’s ridiculous. The underlying issue is the war. No one brought up race besides you.

    Ever with the ad-hominem insults, huh?

  12. I know, John. Most of what you post is ridiculous.

    Why does your cult leader insist on ignoring existing laws and checks and balances?

  13. John Foust says:

    He seems to be using the same excuses that Bush did. Who can forget the outcry from the Republicans when he did that! Oh, wait. They clapped and cheered and asked questioners “Why do you hate America?”

  14. Same excuses? Oh, but hope and change! Hope and change! Fundamental change!

    Public Law No: 107-243, authorizing the Iraq War. 297-133-3; 77-23

    Public Law No: 107-40, authorizing the invasion of Afghanistan. 420-1-10; 98-0-2

    Public Law No: 102-1, authorizing the Gulf War. 250-183, 52-47

    Do tell what the Public Law is that authorizes President Obama to use force in Libya?

  15. John Foust says:

    If only he’d trumped-up some story about WMDs, then he’d get a Public Law, too.

    I’ll repeat what I said about Obama from the very beginning: He’ll prove to be more centrist than anyone would like.

  16. Sort of like a trumped up story about an attack in a Gulf in SE Asia.

    Centrist? Please share your hallucinogens.

  17. Foust:

    “then he’d get a Public Law, too.”

    But Obama hasn’t even bothered to ask. That’s the issue.

    You’ve admitted, “Yup, it’s a violation of the War Powers Act,” but then you dance around like it’s not happening. You’ve dug yourself a pretty deep hole on this one. Maybe it’s time for you to take a breather.

    Randy, your input, although you don’t live in Wisconsin, was delightful and insightful. When I read it I remember saying, “go Randy!” out loud. 🙂

  18. John Foust says:

    Yup, Obama == warmonger. Tide goes in, tide goes out. Never a miscommunication. You can’t explain that.

    Except for when the Right is eager to dismiss him as a peacemaker namby-pamby. Then the switch flips the other way.

  19. So you just can’t see the light of day from that hole you dug, huh?

  20. John Foust says:

    What hole? Why, it was only 2008 when Cheney said the War Powers requirements were unconstitutional. Other Presidents have said as much, too. Where do you stand?

  21. You said, “Yup. it’s a violation of the War Powers Act.” I’ll just agree with you and move on.

  22. Dick Cheney and other Presidents aren’t the Supreme Court.

  23. “I love it when people act surprised when a politician doesn’t keep a campaign promise.”

    Maybe you could also explain how you come to the conclusion that anybody here is acting surprised?