Obama and Israel

If Obama can go after Libya without anyone standing in his way or approving his actions, couldn’t Obama do the same thing to Israel to demand compliance?

I’m still sorting through Obama’s news regarding Israel. Maybe you can help me do it.


  1. The Lorax says:

    It’s not his top priority knowing that he probably can’t solve it, especially with the current personalities at PLO and Israeli Gov’t.

    That’s my take. But he is realizing Egypt could be a better ally than Israel.

  2. Before or after the Muslim Brotherhood takes over…

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    I would give my opinion but since the world is to end tomorrow, why bother.


  4. The Lorax says:

    Before, of course!

    Everyone’s decrying that scenario – we’ll see if the Muslim Brotherhood actually does win. Obama’s speech was largely about convincing the business class in Egypt to side with a pro-American regime – do you see all that money he’s about to dole out to “economic pursuits”?

  5. Mr. Obama made a mistake. He meant to say 1947 borders.

  6. The U.N. mandate assured Israel of the right to exist even though most members now hate Israel. That is no surprise because God told them they would be hated above all people. The Muslims think of any land that they once occupied as being part of the caliphate, and as such southern Spain and Israel belong to them. They will never accept Israel and that’s that.
    The dopey Western leaders who think they can change that need to wake up, but I think God is preventing that. It’s clear there will be a huge battle and God will wipe out the enemies attacking Israel.

    I believe Obama is a closet Muslim and he wants to get rid of the moderate albeit dictatorial leaders who are blocking the takeover of all Muslim lands by the radicals. There will NOT be any democracies coming out of all this trouble. Arabs are tribal and they have no interest in centralized government. Our leaders are too dumb or oil hungry to get it!

    As for me, I support Israel 100%, if for no other reason than God’s promise “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you.”

  7. You know, I’ll confess the first thing that came to my mind when Obama surprised everyone with this announcement was his Muslim upbringing.

    I wonder if America will ever understand just how much they changed when they elected this guy.

  8. The Lorax says:

    Welcome back, Grant. I missed you!!

  9. sometimes we forget that the US government includes a variety of people who are dedicated to our beloved country. whenever the opportunity presents itself i listen to them. we all can pick our favorites but i exclude partisans and news mongers. there are plenty around. you just have to find them.

  10. Randy in Richmond says:

    Did you catch Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu asking America today in his speech to go back to our 1956 borders, which would mean giving Hawaii back to the native Kanaka Maoli and Alaska back to the Aleuts & Alutiiqes, among others ?

  11. 🙂

  12. Randy in Richmond says: