Kanavas v. Baldwin?

I can’t put my finger on it, but the match up is strangely amusing to me.


  1. The Lorax says:

    A Republican from a community that is already going to be the strongest backer of the Republican.

    And a Democrat from a community that is already going to be the strongest backer of the Democrat.


  2. BrkfldDad says:

    I can’t believe Kanavas outpolled Thompson.

  3. Normally I’d kick and scream against the straw poll, it’s only 73 votes, it’s the party, blah blah blah. But the RPW is incredibly powerful. Like it or not, I think I’ll have to soon confess Kanavas is the candidate.

  4. Tommy time has passed. It was under him that our State’s spending went out of control. He let the Democrats in the legislature do whatever they wanted. The phony welfare reform didn’t solve the problem of taxpayer money by the barrel going to support lazy women with many kids. Worse than that, he showed what a hideous leader he is when he was Secretary of HHS. Some of the interpretations he allowed are appalling. I would NEVER vote for him. He’s certainly not what real conservatives want for their senator.

  5. Anonymous Politico says:

    I don’t normally put that much stock in straw polls. I did find it interesting that Herman Cain prevailed for president and Ted Kanavas for U.S. Senate in the WisPolitics.com straw poll at the RPW convention this weekend. I thought the choice for Cain for president was a big stretch. Although he’s being branded as a “tea party patriot,” this guy used to be Chairman of the Federal Reserve of Kansas City. There is something is wrong with that. I wonder how many Republicans know that? Now, on the other hand, the choice for Kanavas was interesting. That was a far more legitimate choice than Cain for president. However, it is still early. Kanavas was the only 1st tier candidate at the convention. Both Mark Neumann and Tommy Thompson didn’t have a chance to mingle with convention attendees. Maybe these guys ought to get into a debate sooner rather than later.

  6. Ryan Morgan says:

    Not sure about Kanavas, but Walker and Romney have worked together in the past http://www.scottwalker.org/press-release/2010/10/governor-mitt-romney-join-scott-walker The WI GOP will come around to Mitt eventually….

    But Wisconsin doesn’t matter much anyway in the primary… someone (most likely Romney, with an outside chance of Pawlenty or Huntsman) will have the nomination wrapped up by Super Tuesday at the latest. But as I’ve said before, Wisconsin may be the state that decides the presidential election.