It’s Bush….again

Well, it’s official now. It’s President Bush’s fault that air traffic controllers are falling asleep and making more errors on the job at an increased rate. Paul Rinaldi, president of the Air Traffic Controllers Union, at a Senate hearing yesterday acknowledged that some air traffic controllers moonlight. He said it was more common for less experienced controllers earning lower salaries to hold second and third jobs prior to 2009, when the union and the Obama administration reached a contract agreement that increased controller salaries. Another spokesman for the Union said entry level positions in some parts of the country were cut in 2006, but were raised considerably under the new contract in 2009.

Help me out here. The spike in errors and sleeping being investigated occurred in 2010–after the salaries were increased to all controllers. It is this kind of self-inflicting justification by unions that causes others, including me, to question their validity.

It’s just a matter of time until the ex-President is blamed for the recent tornadic activity.


  1. John Foust says:

    Why stop there? I bet that Obama has already been blamed for the tornados.

  2. Actually, it’s another Union Work-Rules problem. Long story, it’s out there on the ‘net.