Ryan’s momentum

I’m telling you, it’s early in this presidential race.


  1. please Paul ryan run….you should tell all of your readers to call and beg paul ryan to run.

  2. ‘“I could tell the president was nervous, because when he’s nervous, he talks on and on. Everybody else he gave about a three- or four-minute answer to. To Paul Ryan it was about 20 minutes,’ freshman Rep. James Lankford (R-Okla.) said.”


  3. “when he’s nervous, he talks on and on.”

    Could the freshman’s analyses be any sillier?

  4. milton: silly? If you follow Obama at all, you’ll find it is a very insightful point. Watch BO’s conduct in his “Heath care bill summit”, for example.

  5. Could the freshman’s analysis be any more accurate?

  6. It seems to me there’s a certain degree of mutual respect between Obama and Ryan. That Obama offered a 20 minute reply to his question suggests to me he was being thoughtful and respectful towards him. Could it be he was being thoughtful, respectful and was also a bit nervous, all at the same time? Sure.

    But to conclude that he was nervous based solely on the length of his reply is, to me at least, a silly conclusion.

  7. When Obama says (paraphrasing) the Paul Ryan wants to bind granny’s arms and legs, put her in her wheelchair, push her down the ramp, and watch her fall into the pit with the starving alligators, I don’t consider that a sign of “mutual respect”. And I’m pretty sure that Ryan doesn’t either.

  8. the leader of the free world can handle any world leader or speak to millions of people at a time, BUT paul ryan makes him nervous because he has a plan to “fix” medicare??

    Ok then….

  9. When you say “handle any world leader” do you mean complete-ignorance-embarrassing-the-queen type “handle” or were you thinking more “alienate-all-our-allies-and-give-away-the-farm-to-terrorist-thugs” handle? 😉

  10. I was thinking in terms of the teleprompter addiction, Ryan, but your answer rocks.

  11. Nope wasn’t talking about either Poppy bush nor was i talking about Dubya. I was talking about President Obama.

    I guess pink slip paulie makes President Obama nervous, the way a 7th grader would make Lebron nervous at a basketball camp.

  12. You know what? Simpson, Foust, and probably Anti, you guys need a cooling off period. No posting comments until at least next Wednesday. If you do, I’m just going to pull them.

    You are welcome back after that if you can manage your troll-like behavior in a less offensive manner.