You know your weekend is doomed when it starts with being forced to agree with Tom Foley.


  1. A tribute to Hollywood actors/union leaders?

    The irony is killing me!

  2. I will admit, indeed, there is irony in that.

    I’m always fascinated by the conservative adoration of Union President Ronald Reagen. The man was, if you ask me, the ultimate in center, top-of-the-bell-curve governing. I suppose it could be they feel the urge to claim him before the other side does. He was, one must admit, a very adequate statesman.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    If Richard L. Trumka ran for office espousing the intregity, honesty, and political beliefs that President Reagan fostered, I’d vote for him.

    Surprise, I am presidently a card carrying member of a union.

    And it is an ironic fact about Reagan.

  4. cindy. because i trust your instincts i glossed over the tenant something blog. the language is deplorable and is enough to turn me off. exempt by the 1st amendment but not by me and my friends.

  5. jimspice says:

    Cindy, are you CRAZY. Reagan was no RINO! He was a far right activist leader! The epitomy of everything the T-Party stands for!

    See how silly that sounds? I can’t really think of a recent president that was an extremist. American political structure pretty much rules it out. That’s why it cracks me up when you guys peg Obama as a lefty, pinko, socialist, commie, progressive extremist.

  6. I’d argue Obama is the exception to your rule. He was very far left as he was elected, but has moved off that a bit. He was able to be elected as far left because (IMO) a lot of independent voters had to vote for the half-black man to prove to themselves they weren’t racist. (That’s not news. I’ve said it before.)

    Now that they’ve proven it, I think Obama’s going to have a much more difficult time winning the 20% of independent voters for which the 2012 election is being held.