WOW Wisconsin JFC, just WOW

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Joint Finance Committee recently passed a component to include a little bit of legislation about beer distribution to slide into the upcoming budget bill. Wisconsin’s smaller brewers are not impressed. Here’s a Facebook page with details from Pearl Street Brewery in LaCrosse.

Just for fun, I’m going to give you all the folks on the committee. The two with asterisks in front of their names voted no.

Senate Members

Senator Alberta Darling (R), Co-Chair

Senator Luther Olsen
Senator Sheila Harsdorf
Senator Joe Leibham
*Senator Glenn Grothman (R)
Senator Randy Hopper
Senator Lena Taylor
*Senator Robert Jauch (D)

Assembly Members

Representative Robin Vos (R), Co-Chair

Representative Dan Meyer
Representative Dan LeMahieu
Representative John Nygren
Representative Pat Strachota
Representative Joel Kleefisch
Representative Tamara Grigsby
Representative Jennifer Shilling

Now, I’m going to give you the link to the 281 contributions made from WOW Distributing in the last decade or so. Lena Taylor? She’s on there. Alberta Darling? Uh-huh. With all the partisan bickering taking place in our state someone has magically found an issue that both sides of the aisle are more than pleased to support.

By the way, here’s a little interview that’s a few years old with Aldo. It’ll give you an idea of who is behind all those checks to your elected folks.

For all the fancy dancing this administration is attempting on supporting small businesses – remember Wisconsin is Open for Business? – I can’t imagine for the life of me why a bi-partisan group of legislators would go after the small businesses that comprise Wisconsin’s local breweries.

Even Owen from Boots and Sabers calls this one crap.

PS Be sure to catch MillerCoors contributions in the comments.


  1. The Lorax says:

    Mind giving us the party labels for each of the representatives voting on the Republican-controlled JFC??? 😛

    And I think Darling and Taylor are both beholden to MillerCoors because of their proximity.

  2. Yes, I do mind. I don’t know them all off the top of my head, and I’m too lazy to dig through it. I’m sure there are more R’s the D’s.

    Besides, if you can get Lena Taylor to vote for something under current the R-dominated arrangement, it doesn’t really matter any more.

  3. The Lorax says:

    So you say.

  4. Anonymous Politico says:

    What a disappointment. However, you must understand that it’s campaign season and both sides need campaign cash. Congratulations to Senators Grothman and Jauch for doing the right thing. Shame, shame, shame on the rest of them.

  5. What’s the old saw about “OUR bastards..”?

    According to some, that was Miller Brewing’s own bill, designed to block Busch. Exactly the same as Federal corporate- tax legislation usually is written by GE.

  6. Thanks for your input Dad29. You are correct. We should also look at the 300+ contributions over the last few years from MillerCoors.

    Well look at that. Over $28,000 to Walker alone!

    I’m disgusted now. Blech. If Walker signs this it’s just another example of his pay to play habits. I sure wish he could beat that addiction back. It discounts everything else he accomplishes.

  7. Prolly won’t survive the Ass’y/Senate budget votes; it’ll be amended out.

    If not, another Revolution awaits!

  8. By the way……

    One good reason to NOT contribute through “bundling”–as did the folks listed in your Miller page–is this: I might like Walker, but not want to appear to be a “Miller Boy.”

    IOW, a Conservative, not a special-interest cow.

  9. Good work and research. This begs the policy question that when business and labor marry, does everyone else have to pay for their honeymoon?

    This should have gone to the New Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation for an opinion and all our elkected reps would be in a better position now.

  10. Well done. There are 10 Rs and 4 Ds on the committee. Jauch is a D and Grothman an R. Everyone else voted for it.

  11. xoff told me well done! I’m printing that off and framing it, you know.

  12. Francis Abbott says:

    Looks like they are doing to you what they have done to us small poultry farmers. Called Sen. Joe leibham and left a mess. Told him my feelings on this. I hope Darling, Olsen and Hopper lose their recall elections.

  13. That would be ok with me as long as they lose to Republicans. 🙂