MJS’ Daniel Bice fires up the whiners

OMG! Recall elections might have more than two candidates! It’s an evil conspiracy!

Bice has done some good work here and there. This morning’s front page article fails to apply any standard except pandering. Chief amongst his complaints is that Republicans might encourage someone to run against the Democratic challenger in the upcoming recall races.


As I explained the other day, primaries, even recall primaries are good. They let voters clarify both the issues and the candidates. We live in a freakin’ representative republic people. You are supposed to embrace these races, not whine that your pretty little candidate might have to actually mount a real campaign.

Of course, that doesn’t stop the regularly expected entitlement class – union backers – from thrashing about in desperation. Good grief I hope they implode soon.

There’s really no better example of the importance of a third candidate than the recent New York representative race. While Dems are quick to blame Paul Ryan (Do you know they are actually mounting a comeback to retake the House on Ryan’s plan?) the reality is a candidate who switched Republican; Democrat; Republican over the years mounted a Tea Party revelry and split the vote on the right. If you add those two candidates together, the returns were more than 50%.

In my mind, this means two things: Ryan had better communicate his plan so clearly it can’t be assailed (or he abandons it) and Republicans better get a handle on the Tea Party, pronto. Don’t forget how RNC Chair Reince Priebus masterfully manipulated any Tea Party response in Wisconsin and slid them under the big umbrella. That he missed the NY-26 split is a little worrisome.

There’s growing evidence the thrashers are starting to do more harm than good in Wisconsin. They’re continuing to interrupt meetings. They are camping on the sidewalks in Madison. (This must be because they don’t have to actually work for a living. What other conclusion can one draw?) But, and I think this is very interesting, the elected representing them are starting to push back. Listen to Lena Taylor scold them at a recent Madison Joint Finance Committee gathering:

I think we continue to highlight the tactics and how much they are costing taxpayers and by the time the recalls come around in a few weeks, those independents will either walk away in disgust or swing to the right. Either way is fine with me.


  1. Anonymous Politico says:

    The last two articles by Dan Bice were head scratchers. There’s plenty to investigate out there. However, as news departments continue to cut their budgets, there are fewer reporters available to do real investigative reporting. Soon enough, I imagine, Bice will be relegated to covering stories like Snookum’s first place placement at the Wauwatosa Cat Fancier’s Show. But the politicians in Madison and Washington won’t be too sad about that. The erosion of real talent in newsrooms across Wisconsin and the rest of the country give diabolical politicos free reign to do stupid things like this.


    Nonetheless, more and more, blogs and bloggers are doing the real investigating.

  2. I had to read that twice. I thought you were saying I was stupid for writing it, but I get it now. It’s been a crazy mixed-up Monday morning already. I’m looking forward to noon.

  3. Anonymous Politico says:

    No, you’re not stupid. 🙂

  4. Whew. Although I swear, if you’d seen me in action earlier this morning, you would have worried.

  5. Your post would be more to the point if the letters from the WisGOP had said they were recruiting candidates to “clarify the issues and the candidates.” But they were really clear that they were just trying to gum up the works and stall for more time and let the GOP funders have more time to buy ads.

    It seems that just a day or two ago the right was all on about quick and inexpensive democracy and jabbering at the Kloppenburg campaign for their demanding a recount. Now. it’s all about clarity, even though running GOP wolves in Democrat clothing makes things pretty clear at the get-go.

    Give Bice some credit for being able to sniff out a story that will sell papers. That is his job, after all.

  6. Yes, he does sell papers. That is his job.

    Did it whip you guys up? Uh-huh.