Romney hearts global warming

Romney reaffirms stance that global warming is real from


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Another statement he will eventually have to back away from.

  2. Let’s be clear here. Romney did say that he thinks that:

    1) The earth is warming
    2) Human activity might play some role in this warming

    He also has also been consistently against radical solutions to remake the economy on account of global warming… Christie just made news for pulling New Jersey out of a regional cap and trade group among northeastern states… Romney pulled MA out of the same group 8 years ago when he was governor.

    The bottom line is that Romney knows he cannot do ANYTHING that could get that flip-flopper meme going again, because that’s what destroyed him the last time. He could have easily distanced himself more from the individual mandate in Romneycare, but he did not because he stood by his plan in 2008, so he has to continue to now. He could have said after Climategate he is having second thoughts about global warming. But he said he thought it is really happening and humans may be contributing in the last election, so he must stand by it. And I’m pretty sure he would have liked to go back on his support for ethanol since I don’t think he is really going to campaign that hard in Iowa this time. But he stood by that one too. He has no choice at this point.

  3. “I’m told that we use almost twice as much energy per person as does a European”

    How dare he compare us to socialist Europeans! Doesn’t he realize we’re exceptional!?

    But seriously, he sounds so sensible, so reasonable. He’s certainly not going to win the hearts and minds of global warming deniers.

    So how can he possibly expect to get the endorsement of Republican Party kingmaker Rush Limbaugh?