It’s Okay: No “little boys” Involved

Anthony Weiner will not resign unless new damaging information is revealed. He is going to rehab. He may have some medical issue(s) and if so I hope he gets the help he needs. So far the cyber indiscretions he has committed are stupid, show total inconsideration to his wife, a lack of any level of sound judgement, well….the list goes on. And where does one get help for blatantly lying time after time ?

Most likely he will be re-elected in his district. His remaining in office will be of no positive benefit to Democrats but can be potentially helpful to Republicans across the country. Rest assured his name will come up in elections where the electorate would normally have little or no idea who he is. In some ways this is similiar to Mark Foley’s indiscretions which had a marked effect on the 2006 elections. One significant difference is the timing–by November 2012 Weiner will be a father and most likely a non-player in the House. As another stalwart of hypocrisy from New York, Rep. Charlie Rangel, defends Weiner by stating, ‘He wasn’t going out with little boys’. The nuance of Rangle’s statement is so funny I guess you have to be from NYC for it to make sense.

Sometimes being older is an advantage and based on my experience I will make this conjecture. I don’t believe we have the full story on Weiner as yet. His ability to line up most of the major news organizations in the country and to systematically lie to them one after another, on nationwide cameras, shows a level of egotistic behavior rare even for those in Congress. He did this knowing those affected by his actions were still “out there”. It will be interesting to see if any more “out there” comes forward.


  1. I saw that in a news feed earlier today and nearly dropped my teeth.

  2. I’m all Weinered out. Isn’t there another sex scandal we can sink our teeth into?