Obama battles back

His numbers are low. So what does he do? Announce a pullback in Afghanistan that will coordinate with the 2012 election and release oil from the strategic supply.

I hope you all are roller coaster fans. We’re in for a ride.


  1. Well, he may have lost a lot of support when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Walmart.

  2. cindy. every war i have live through from WWII has had political overtones and controversy. modern warfare has changed the strategy with the ability to destroy almost at will. my friends in the brookfield area want to get out now. to be pragmatic this war is too long, too expensive and too much a waste of time and energy that is needed in the USA. withdrawal of troops is generic because the MOS/military occupational speciality is not stated. the military cannot tip off all of its strategy. instead of all the pols complaining about the number of troops here and there they should be listen to public opinion and support the plan. as pres. Truman showed he president is the commander in chief and he was not very popular when dropping the A bomb. we have generals and admirals in press conferences and partisan speakers who never served outlining their military strategy. How silly is it to argue 11,000 troops instead of 10,000. for once lets have unity for the benefit of our military and their families.

  3. The good news is, we’re puling out.

    The bad news is, you will be collecting unemployment once you are discharged.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    This isn’t 10% politics, it’s not 50% politics, it’s 100% politics. He’s the first President on record announcing to our enemies when he would deploy troops before doing so and additionally when he would start withdrawing said troops. In other words he is fulfilling his own predisposed time line. And the summer of 2012 sounds familiar–oh that’s right, the Olympics are that summer. Seriously, this was established as a political objective long ago. The fighting months in Afghanistan run from spring to late November and we are pulling out troops right in the middle of that period, just in time for the Democratic convention and the last months of the Presidential campaign.

    I’m not surprised.