Recall Justice Bradley!

Paul Bucher for Supreme Court Justice.

(That little post is a quick way of saying I think this thing is going to really backfire on the left.)


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Judge Bradley says this, “Matters of abusive behavior in the workplace aren’t resolved by competing press releases,” And of course where does she say this–in her press release. Here she calls it “abusive behavior” whereas any judge knows if it happened as she describes, it would be assault.

    This goes nowhere legally, but it will be fun to watch it play out. I suspect we now know at least one reason why he issued his own opinion on the case.

  2. It is fascinating. I have a picture in my mind as to what happened. Sure hope it backfires for Bradley.

  3. How could it not backfire? Maybe next time Bradley will listen when prosser speaks. How dare anyone disagree with him .

  4. they are a total embarassment to our judicial system.

  5. Right, Jeff.

    Do you mean to be laughable? You’re pretty much there just in case you didn’t see it coming.

  6. Anthony says:

    It’s kind of ironic – less than two weeks ago did I see Ann Walsh Bradley speak, and now she’s in the news for something major.

  7. The Lorax says:

    Another unsupported prediction that I suspect might backfire for you.

  8. I did not predict it will backfire on Bradley – I hoped it will backfire on Bradley. I did say I think it’s not going to fare well for the left overall. That’s pretty much already coming to pass.

    You know, Hope and Change isn’t just for Democrats. 🙂

  9. Sorry Cindy I did not think this post was for real.

    I never expected that the bitch should just shut up and know her place would be the theme at this blog of all blogs…..interesting.

  10. Randy in Richmond says:

    So Jeff thinks Cindy was using the left’s tactic of Palinizing Judge Bradley-“that the bitch should just shut up and know her place.”

    I don’t think Cindy was doing that at all.

  11. Jeff, you’ve lost all credibility by continuing with such a point. Whatever. It’s your reputation that’s hit the toilet, not mine.

  12. How else would I take Randy? Justice Bradley got strangled in her office by someone who has shown a lack of respect for his women coworkers and she hopes it comes back to bite her?

    So please explain how I should take that.

  13. Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. Listen, no one wants to argue with you, not even Randy. Go away now.

  14. Cakeman6 says:

    How dare Bradley attack Prosser’s hands with her neck! Women’s necks are very dangerous and can harm a man’s delicate hands!

  15. One link from Politico and the goofballs show up within an hour. Sheez.

  16. marcus robinson says:

    I often wondered if conservative women were okay with their men choking them out and treating them like property. No wonder the women in congress in washington just sit by and let the men strip women of their rights!!!

  17. marcus robinson says:

    Way to go Cindy!! You proved something to me that I often wondered about. Consevative women know that they should be seen and not heard!! And don’t even think twice about being equal to men.

  18. Such intelligent discussion from that Politico crowd. God Bless America. We sure need it.

    By the way, here’s a longer version of the Recall Bradley argument.

  19. marcus robinson says:

    Such truth from the \”Politico Crowd\”!!! I can\’t believe that any woman would defend this action. And why would Judge Bradley lie? The truth will come out and if she did lie then she should be recalled!! But she\’s an intelligent woman so why \”LIE\” and place herself in this position? A position where she could lose everything if the truth comes out that she was lying?

  20. Why would Judge Bradley lie, Marcus?

    At least we agree if she mismanaged the perception of truth on this one she should go. We will also agree that if Prosser attacked her he should go. Look at how much we have in common. 🙂

    (Hey, I’ll even give into Althouse’s idea that they should both go right now and leave two openings for Republican Governor Scott Walker to fill.)

  21. as if it your “theory” wasnt crazy enough then you link to Althouse?

    Why dont we just decriminalize all abuse of women?

  22. marcus robinson says:

    (Hey, I’ll even give into Althouse’s idea that they should both go right now and leave two openings for Republican Governor Scott Walker to fill.)

    I don’t think they both should go I believe Judge Prosser did this. Seems to me Judge Bradleywould be putting a lot on the line for a lie!!!! She can’t be that stupid.

  23. Jeff, why don’t you just proclaim all of your assumptions truthful and save society the problem of having to figure it out later.

    Marcus – ditto. You believe Prosser did it, so that makes it true, and you should get your way in the matter.

    (I don’t believe Bradley is that stupid. I do think it’s possible she’s that passionate and got caught up in a situation that might prove very damaging.)

  24. marcus robinson says:

    “The state Judicial Commission, which enforces the state judicial ethics code, is looking into the case, according to the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism . But the commission could have trouble if it launched an investigation because matters of judicial ethics are decided solely by the Supreme Court. In this case, two justices were involved in the matter and four others were witnesses”.

    Well there you got Cindy. A quote from an article I read. There were 4 other witnesses. If Bradley is lying she’s got a problem. I don’t think she is.

  25. The MJS is reporting the Dane County Sheriff is investigating. Maybe we’ll have an answer in a couple of months or so.

  26. Randy in Richmond says:

    So if I understand right the same District Attorney’s Office that accepted and brought charges against the Wisconsin Senate will figure into this investigation ? And if charges are instituted it could possibly go before Judge Maryann Sumi ? And that same Supreme Court who told Judge Sumi she had absolutely to authority to make such a previous ruling may now have one of it’s own members as a defendant before Judge Sumi.

  27. Not necessarily. The Sheriff’s office will investigate, then if charges are warranted, that will go to the DA. At that point you are correct. Then it could go all the way to the Supreme Court!

    In the end, this is simply fodder for more anger and hate by the left. Maybe they’ll pitch a new tent city or something.

  28. Randy in Richmond says:

    Or maybe the non-partisian Supreme’s that lean right should just leave the state and there will be no quorum to hear the case if it gets that far. That would be following tradition.

  29. They’ll work it out. I predict one of those lousy kissing-your-sister type of responses that leaves everyone unhappy. Which, of course, is a win if you ask me. Anything less than Prosser doing hard time is going to make Bradley look silly.

  30. VLF1964 says:

    Damn those liberal women with their linebacker necks getting in the way of the conservative males hands!

    All liberal women’s necks should be locked up and forgotten about!

  31. So prosser strangles a female justice out of anger and its the left that hates?

    Cindy I think you need a vacation!

  32. Jeff, unfortunately you are too dense to realize that your claiming Prosser “strangles a female justice out of anger” is not the same as it actually having happened. I hope your magical thinking works better for you in other parts of your life, though in my experience, those with your kind of reality issues are rarely successful.

    VLF1964 – clearly this is one of your more intellectual offerings.

  33. I am taking justice bradley and the eye witnesses word, over althouses lunacy.

    Maybe prosser can run the vanderleest for senate campaign.

  34. VLF1964 says:


    Well, Bradley shouldn’t have attacked Prosser with her neck! How dare she! Her neck should be labeled a lethal weapon! Poor, defenseless, old and ornery Prosser! He had every right to choke that meaty neck into submission!

    I mean, when a woman gets raped, it’s because she was asking for it by wearing sexy clothes and going out unchaperoned, right, Cindy? Blame the victim and forgive the perpetrator, right, Ms. Intellectual?

    Jeff simpson:


  35. VLF – no straw men. Besides, you’ve just shown you are disgusting.

    Jeff – Don’t forget there’s an “eyewitness” that says she wasn’t choked.

  36. Bla Fasel says:

    I have positively no idea why Politico linked here. This is the usual right-wing, hate mongering kindergarten, discussing ‘pictures in minds’ as opposed to the facts – as thin as they are.

    By the way – is ‘fairly conservative’ the same as ‘a little pregnant’ or better ‘fair & balanced?

    Never mind … it was a rhetorical question.

  37. Prosser has good standing because the Supreme Court decision “Olive Oyl v Bluto” it was determined that the devastating force of a woman’s neck must be kept in check at all times lest it damage the hands of men who happen to walk in the way of a woman’s charging neck attack. Thousands of men lose their hands every year due to little girls who do not yet know the strength of their powerful necks.

  38. I think it’s becoming obvious by these odd comments that the majority of those from the left don’t even take Bradley’s complaint seriously.

  39. Roger Calypso says:

    Cindy, you don’t seem to have the ability to know when you and Prosser are being mocked, but you must have a nicer life for it, so bless your heart. Just keep your dangerous, dangerous neck away from my tender hands!

  40. And you don’t seem to realize when you are being ridiculous.

    By the way, that last sentence could be considered a legitimate threat. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a problem for you.

  41. Randy in Richmond says:

    It’s amazing how these highly intellectual visitors from the left, with all their elitest brain power pooled together, can come up with all of one ‘mocking’ phrase about Ms. Bradley’s neck that apparently they find amusing. I bet you were all just hilarious when the Weiner story broke.

  42. Randy in Richmond says:

    I agree with your summary Fasel–never mind.

  43. VLF1964 says:


    Oh, I’m sorry. I should have recognized that, as usual, the Rabid and Ridiculous Right are playing the part they play so well – the victim. Awww … boo hoo. How dare the someone actually blame the perpetrator, Prosser, who has a history of denigrating women, and not the victim, Bradley.

    And, I’d like to know how my statement is “a straw man”, considering that you completely ignore what Prosser did and blame Bradley … for putting her neck in Prosser’s hands. Again, forgive the perp, blame the victim … up is down, down is up, round is flat and flat is round …

    Just remember, dear – we are not laughing WITH you, but AT you.

    “Fairly Conservative” … should be “Really Insane” …

  44. Randy in Richmond says:

    Ah, VLF1964, your continuum is as expected.

  45. VLF1964 says:


    I’m consistent, sport; consistently pointing out that the Rabid and Ridiculous Right loves victimhood, loves to blame the victim when one of their own screws up, and loves fake outrage.

    How exhausting …

  46. You left pain in the butt off that list of things that describe you, VLK1964. I sure hope you don’t stick around too long.

  47. Randy in Richmond says:

    You are a consistant Salonista along with the other lefties who have commented on this post, VLF1964. That’s my point. And even after I pointed it out you still followed suit.

    And I’m not a sport and Cindy isn’t a dear.

  48. Outstanding outrage by the left against abuse of the fairer sex. Could anyone point me to their to posts against the abuse of Palin and Bachmann (or do they “deserve” it)?

  49. Randy,

    When did you take over for Carson as the Amazing Karnak? You just know everything about me, dontchayano, sport?! Ah, you betcha!

    Good dog … what a pathetic, unamusing, and droll bunch at the “Really Insane” blog …

    Yawn … I’m bored … I’m out of this lame and pitiful hell …

  50. Randy in Richmond says:

    Libs are so predictable. They make their claims and when questioned they (1) Change the subject and when that fails they (2) Get personal. But thankfully we will take VLF at his word and he’s out of here.