Prosser, Bradley, Sheriff Mahoney…

…Maryann Sumi, Shirley Abrahamson. It just doesn’t get better than Wisconsin politics.

So, the MJS is reporting that Dane County Sheriff David Mahoney will investigate the Bradley/Prosser matter. Here’s the Sheriff’s website at

He looks a lot like this:

You know, from this advert uploaded March 19, 2009.

(That’s an advertisement for Supreme Court Justice Shirley Abrahamson that will surely disappear soon. Watch fast!)

You know who that other lady is?

None other than Maryann Sumi. Yes, THAT Maryann Sumi.

Maybe we should adopt this ditty as the new Wisconsin State Song:

H/T: Christian Schneider’s Twitter feed.


  1. It’sss a cynical world after all … ♫

  2. Honestly, you have to really know Madison people to understand the phenomenon. I’ve gotten to know a few in the last couple of years–and they really are on a different planet.

    Stopped at a convenience store, happened to chat with the ass’t mgr. He lived in Madison for several years and has exactly the same observation.

    They really do think that money simply springs from the ground just for Madison people. Goes along with their Intellectual Superiority thing.

  3. Great catch! Absolutely great catch. Wow!

    Standing alone, the mug of the Dane County Sheriff David Mahoney showing up in that Shirley Abrahamson election ad was perfect . . . conflict of interest, thy name is Mahoney!

    But then, your subsequent identification of that “nice lady” speaking so highly of Abrahamson, a lady who we know was the Dane County judge who issued a series of bizarre, unconstitutional rulings that have formed the basis of this attempted judicial coup in Wisconsin, it all just defies the imagination!

    Folks, the cherry has somehow outperformed the sundae!

  4. Thank you for your enthusiasm Trochilus. It wasn’t my catch, but I’m pleased to share it with you.

  5. Cindy, you are too modest. It is your juxtaposition of the factoids in the post, the unfolding, if you will, that makes it so . . . how should I say . . . delicious!

    These folks are so wrapped up in a bad case of group-think that they have just tossed away all semblance of adherence to accepted norms.

    Chief Justice Abrahamson was actually suggesting to the other members of the Court that there should be a delay in the issuance of the court’s opinion overturning Sumi’s blatantly improper rulings!

    Sumi’s decision was declared void ab initio — there is no worse fate for a bad ruling than to have been declared a nullity “from the beginning.”

    Yet for obvious political reasons, Abrahamson wanted the court to hold off. Perhaps she felt she owed it to her two political hack pals who had both appeared in her ads and helped her get elected. That ad is just priceless.

  6. Trochilus – you called me modest. That will surely raise an eyebrow or two around here. 🙂

    Lovely comment about ab initio. It has been a good month for the Right in Wisconsin.

  7. of course it wasnt her catch whose was it? the right wing cheddarsphere was all over with the exact same message today. An original thought anyone?

    Why would someone running as a democrat not endorse other and get endorsed in return?

    Was there outrage when prosser ruled(incorrectly) on Sumi’s ruling despite the fact that he said at the beginning of his campaign that he was going to be an extension of the walker campaign? NOPE…..

    the fake outrage the right shows is quite tiresome.

    I just hope that the “fine” folks at WPRI who happen to produce whatever is needed to help the repubs(facts be dammed) produce the video of raging bull bradley charging poor little innocent playful prosser.

  8. Simpson: “Why would someone running as a democrat not endorse other and get endorsed in return?” State Supreme Court races AND County Sheriff races are non-partisan. (Ooopsie.)

    Besides, you sound really angry. One might almost consider it fake outrage.

    PS It really was Christian’s find. I picked it up moments after he tweeted it. The rest, as they say, is history.

  9. ahh yes the WPRI hacks. It really wasnt a “find” it was a tv commercial. Since the Chief Justice has been re-elected 4 times there are hundreds of thousands to millions of people who have voted for her so I guess we need to get the ballots of any police officer and if “christian” doesnt approve then they cant investigate a republican battering a woman.

    NOw Prosser and the other three right wingers on the Supreme Court of WI never have to recuse themselves because they call it right down the middle party be dammed. Even if two of them are in a comitteed relationship.

    The hypocrisy amazes me at times.

  10. christian may not have caught it, but the dane county sheriff race IS A partisan race.

    we will chalk it up to incompetence and shoddy journalism on WPRI’s fault instead of outright lies

  11. Ok, but that’s only one side of your argument. You also claim the Supreme Court Justices have a right to endorse and be endorsed as a Democrat, and I KNOW those races are nonpartisan.

    (You kind of sound like, you know, you need anger management help or something, Jeff. I hope it gets better for you soon.)

  12. Bill Kurtz says:

    Love that comment about \”Madison people… really are on a different planet.\”

    Unlike Waukesha County, aka Smug County, where Sykes and Belling are considered intellectuals. (And I haven’t lived in Madison in nearly 40 years.)

  13. I live in Waukesha County and I don’t consider Sykes or Belling intellectuals.

    If you haven’t lived in Madison for 40 years, when was the last time you visited? It is a very unique place, and I’ve seen plenty of cities against which to make that comparison.

  14. Bill Kurtz says:

    FWIW, I visit Madison several times a year.
    Now, I’d like to take this discussion in a different direction. (As a liberal visiting a conservative website, let me say up front the questions I’ll raise are sincere ones, about something I’m really curious about. And I’m raising them here because you seem to be fair-minded.)
    As a longtime political junkie, I’ve wondered about what explains the intensity of Waukesha County’s current-day conservatism, especially when contrasted to areas that are somewhat similar:
    My points of comparison are the North Shore (more conservative than Waukesha County in the 1960s when I was growing up there) and Chicago’s west suburban DuPage County (regularly 70% Republican in the 80s, like Waukesha was and is, but much less so now.)
    Any explanations why Waukesha County got more conservative and Republican as it grew, while the North Shore completely switched and DuPage County moved towards the middle? I’d love to hear some.

  15. Bill, thanks. I really do enjoy good discussion on these topics.

    First I’d say that Waukesha County is not as conservative as the press conveys. The votes here are consistently 60% R and 40% D. Ten points off center isn’t that far. Next, what Waukesha County has (and here I will confess HAD might be the more proper verb) is a supremely well organized county party for Republicans. Don Taylor has been around forever as that chair, and in his prime, he flat put out. This county’s voter turnout is stuff of legends. I do see the party at risk of decline over the last few years, but that’s probably a whole dissertation and not a quick answer. Finally, remember that being Republican is partly about the policies that protect an individual’s wallet, and the western suburbs are where the money moved in the 1960’s and 70’s. If I were completely honest about the money I know to be in this county, you’d stare glassy-eyed in disbelief.

  16. Randy in Richmond says:

    Interesting how Bill speaks about conservatism as if it’s a disease that affects some places more than others. Occasionally an entire population may become temporarily infected as happened in Massachusetts when Scott Brown was elected but most consider this to be a temporary condition. And that mutant Schwarzenegger variation in California has been traced to his European roots. You should be okay Bill unless you stay in Waukesha County for more than six months, and even then an occasional booster visit to Madison will ensure your liberal health. 🙂

  17. Randy, that “and even then an occasional booster visit to Madison will ensure your liberal health” is pretty darn cute.

  18. Bill Kurtz says:

    I honestly enjoyed Randy from Richmond’s response, it had me chortling!
    Cindy, is it really only 60-40 GOP in Waukesha County? (Even Herb Kohl’s opponents usually carried Waukesha County.) Scott Walker topped 70 percent- or is he more popular there than the average Republican?
    BTW, I don’t think money is the sole explanation. Washington County has the best Republican percentages in Wisconsin, and any money there must be well hidden, as there’s no Elm Grove, Brookfield or Lake Country.
    In fact, the North Shore (still quite well-off) has steadily moved towards the Democrats, while West Allis, a classic working class community, went the other way. Neither Nixon nor Reagan carried West Allis, while George W. carried it twice.