Recall Ann Walsh Bradley*

*The longer, more detailed version.

Ok, so someone thought it was cute to call me out on my one-line suggestion over the weekend that Bradley should be looking at a recall. But, of course, I meant it. Ok. Maybe I didn’t mean the part about Paul Bucher taking her place, but I do think if the Bradley/Prosser conflict plays out like I suspect it will, she should go.

(This idea should not surprise anyone. Many, many comments from left-leaning bloggers thought Prosser should take a hike earlier this weekend. Think Progress even came out with a four-point list as to ways he could go, except they forget that in Wisconsin a recall can only happen after a year of service, so that would be August 2012 for Prosser and Wisconsin has a Republican legislature so that’s the end of ideas 2 and 3 – Impeachment and Removal by Address, which leaves #1: Resignation. Really? I kind of wonder why you made the effort at that post in the first place, Ian Millhiser.)

Here’s what I think. Bradley and Prosser don’t get along very well. (Boohoo and all that.) They are all in Bradley’s office shootin’ the breeze about the upcoming decision. Bradley and Prosser disagree. (Big news flash, huh?) Bradley puts up some kind of physical response, mostly in jest, loses her balance/cool/head, etc., and ends up in what appears to be an aggressive stance towards Prosser. Prosser either puts his hands up as a natural instinct, or plays to the idea in jest as a reply.

Bradley is embarrassed by the awkwardness of the situation and to save face asserts that Prosser tried to choke her. I keep thinking of that second round of stories that came out this weekend where someone in the room – supposedly another justice – says, “You were not choked.” And now the press wants a story and the stakes are so high that Bradley has no choice but to follow through with her claim.

As well she should. If she was choked by another person it’s an assault that should be prosecuted to the complete extent the law allows. (That word IF is in the previous sentence.) IF Bradley’s miscalculated the situation she’s escalating, she needs to go. A Supreme Court Justice that creates this kind of fiasco has no business being entrusted to the important decisions of the State of Wisconsin.

So here’s the deal. Bradley was last elected in 2005 and it’s a ten year term. She’s eligible for recall where Prosser is not. If the Democrats in this state decide to recall Scott Walker, then I think Republicans should work at the same time to recall Ann Walsh Bradley. If we’re going to have a referendum on the changes this state has made, we might as well have a very clear answer, don’t you think?


  1. John Foust says:

    It is sad when the only way to get attention for yourself is to speculate even more wildly than Althouse.

  2. Joanne Brown says:

    You forgot about the part where Justice Bradley asked Justice Prosser to leave.

  3. You also forgot a give a reason for recalling her.

    I am sure that was just an oversight and that with some hard thought you will be able to come up with something, anything.

    Removing her for no reason would be like blocking all efforts to put people back to work so you can claim at election time that the other side did not do anything to put people back to work.

  4. I gave a reason: If she has escalated this issue, she should be recalled. I know it’s a two-part if/then statement, but I bet you can handle it if you think really hard.

  5. this supreme court is the most contentious and less scholarly in my memory. thats because special interest groups elect them without a clue about their judicial qualifications

  6. Sadly, Dick, that’s probably the truest statement made about this matter.

  7. If she “escalated this issue” she should be recalled?

    What does that mean?

    Clearly she escalated it by reporting it. Are you saying it is wrong to report physical assault in the workplace?

    I think you don’t really have a reason. You just want to destroy her for daring to expose Prosser for what he is. Oscam’s Razor.

  8. Bobo, she didn’t report it to the authorities, she sent it to the press. I think she should file charges immediately and demand a thorough investigation be made.

  9. Bradley is toast.

  10. Randy in Richmond says:

    Jeff says “he strangled her’. Bobo says it was “physical assault”. Judge Bradley says it was “abusive behavior”. One judge in the room says it’s just like Judge Bradley says. Another Judge says “You were not choked.”

    Classic green light — green light situation. I’m waiting to see Bradley’s explanation after she’s lawyer’d up.

    If she does not pursue this any further officially we’ll all know the answer.

    Can we call this Madison Legal ?

  11. Joanne Brown says:

    Justice Bradley, or someone who witnessed the incident, reported it to Chief Tubbs, who is the presiding law officer for things that happen in the Capitol, right? Justice Bradley, or Chief Tubbs, or someone who witnessed the incident reported it to the Judicial Commission, which is charged with sorting out judges’ messes.

    Reporting such an incident to the appropriate authorities is not “escalating”; it is acting responsibly.

    We do not know who spoke to Bill Lueders — it could have been justices, clerks who witnessed the altercation, an administrative assistant, or a combination.

    Justice Bradley spoke to the press for attribution after the story broke and an anonymous source gave the “rushing with upraised fists” story. Where’s the escalation?
    Fortunately her attributed statement seems to have stopped the flow of unattributed remarks.

  12. Well, Joanne, let’s see what Tubbs has to say. Will he investigate?

  13. “or plays to the idea in jest as a reply.”

    Al Franken has a history of jesting. Judge Prosser has a history of … well, you know.

  14. Bradley puts up some kind of physical response, mostly in jest, loses her balance/cool/head, etc., and ends up in what appears to be an aggressive stance towards Prosser.

    By FAR the kindest read of Bradley’s aggressive attack on a frail and elderly man I’ve seen yet.

  15. Joanne Brown says:

    Uh oh, Chief Tubbs has asked the Dane Co. sheriff to investigate. So there will be an investigation. Now what to complain about?

    Oh, frail and elderly David Prosser. Since when?

  16. I agree….someone who would trump up a story like this has no ability to see the rule of law in a far and unbias nature. Abrahamson is fully responsible for the tone this Court has taken in the last 30 years. She has been an aggressor on more than one occasion and has cause even liberal Justices to leave the bench early. She is clearly running an intimidating and vile atmosphere that should not be tolerated. I am certain Bradley has been influenced by this atmosphere, but still her actions speak more clearly to her inability to fairly judge a situation. Lying is not a valued characteristic for a Justice. I’m all for recalling Bradley, but I really think its Abrahamson who is ultimately responsible for this altercation and her removal would be this court a WORLD of good!

  17. Bobo, I have to ask. What is the reason behind the 9 recalls currently going on in the state of Wisconsin right now? But if you need a reason, how about this: for attempting to physically abuse a Supreme Court Justice?

  18. BOBO – and the reason for recalling the 6 GOP Senators is??? At least the Democratic candidates who are facing recall are being challenged at cause – THEY HID FROM THEIR RESPONSIBILITY. The purpose of a recall is to hold our elected officials accountable for their work performance. No where in that should there be room for petty disagreements lodged by leftist arrogance who parade with the silver spoon entitlement mentality. This debate is beyond ridiculous – and it started over something you are flat wrong about. In private industry if your company is under budget, maybe you order some pizza to celebrate. In the government world, you buy everyone an iPad for their personal photos – and that is a FACT.

  19. (Obviously this Zach is not the Zach we know from Blogging Blue. 🙂 )

  20. Bradley was the aggressor and along with Abrahmanson the two worst bitches in the state of Wisconsin. Prosser was standing in the doorway and Bradley came nose to nose with him. He pushed her away. couldn’t push her in chest for obvious reasons.

  21. Well if you were there, Dohnal, I’m sure you’ll be getting a subpoena soon.

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  23. The police report is out, she stated in the police report, she charged at prosser and she doesn’t recall any pressure being applied to her neck. In other words she lied. Period. Peter, it looks like someone who didn’t finish high school is smarter than you, which makes you a dumb asshole.

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  25. Maybe it’s because I haven’t finished my first cup of coffee, but none of you sound very clever.

    Cut it out.