Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson’s big problem (Updated!)

First, let me say my version of what might have happened between Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices Ann Walsh Bradley and David Prosser and the details emerging about the matter don’t appear to be vastly different. More than anything, Political Science is a study of human behavior, and when you step back and think about it, humans behave in relatively predictable ways. I’ve worked in a political environment that was charged with hate. I know this game very, very well. That’s why it doesn’t surprise me at all the details come close to the version I’d imagined.

That’s why it won’t surprise me when Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson tries to slide this one under the rug.

Granted, it will need to be a very big and very heavy rug, but she’s got to do it. And although I differ entirely in opinion as to why Dane County Sheriff David Mahoney is the right guy to investigate this bizarre behavior of the Supreme Court, I agree, he’s the man. He appears to be loyal enough to C. J. Abrahamson to do exactly what she wants, and conversely to those who think Abrahamson will want to slam Prosser, I’m fairly certain she’ll want this thing over quickly.

I suspect after Mahoney declares to have supervised a thorough investigation there will not be any charges, Prosser will be said to have apologized to Bradley, and everyone will be videotaped in a big circle singing Kumbaya with Mahoney playing the guitar. He’ll end with a declaration that Wisconsin is fortunate to have leadership like Abrahamson to hold our democracy together.

Anyway, that’s my take on how this will go down. Yesterday we saw how Mahoney was in an Abrahamson campaign advert; today I’ll show you that the records have Mahoney making two campaign contributions in the last few years, one to Abrahamson and one to Jim Doyle. I could not find where Abrahamson had contributed to Mahoney, but I only searched the Wisconsin Democracy site and not the Dane County records where such information would be found.

Shirley Abrahamson has a big problem. Her Court under her leadership has fallen apart. Wisconsin native Greta Van Susteren suggests that Abrahamson, Bradley, and Prosser all three need to go. I having a feeling Wisconsin is going to agree unless a fluffy bunny with a big broom comes out of Mahoney’s hat very soon.

Update: So much for that idea. Mahoney is stepping aside. At least that’s what he says.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Why did many days pass before all this hit the fan ? If choked, why didn’t Judge Bradley press charges ? If it was “abusive behavior” why were the appropriate notifications not made in a timely manner ?

    This comment is not to answer these questions because the article Cindy links addresses that. My conjecture is that several days into this whole circus someone looked at the political ramifications and it was determined that maybe there was a non-election solution to getting rid of, or back at, Judge Prosser. It’s akin to when there’s an auto accident and everyone’s okay–until a few days later when one of the driver’s suddenly has back or neck issues. I believe the big relevation that will be divulged in the end will be the total lack of leadership by Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson.

    I agree with you that Abrahamson will try to put the broom to this mess, Cindy.

  2. Screechin’Shirley may TRY to sweep it under the rug, but it’s possible that Bradley will be impeached, too.

  3. I had thought of that, but I figured it to be wishful thinking, so I let it go. That would be another way in which this would backfire on the left.

  4. the supremes do not fare well when judging each other. if they spend all their arguing with each other then what happens to the citizens’ right to have their cases heard ?

  5. Dick, given what we saw from the ShirleyCourt before she lost the majority, I am VERY happy that she didn’t hear more cases then.

  6. Clearly shows that terms for Judges are to long. Terms/elections for judges should be reduced to two years.

  7. Looks like Mahoney chooses not to play a part in the conspiracy:

    “As the sheriff, I have no role in the assignment of detectives and supervisors or overseeing the investigation,” Mahoney said in a statement.”

  8. Hence the update and link, Milton, but thanks for the MJS version.

  9. johngvert says:

    The liberal elite in Madison have so insulated themselves they cant see the forest. When this goes bad for Bradley and Abrahamson will the liberal elite just shrug it off as another anomaly?

  10. Well, prior to my comment being posted I did request that it be deleted. The reason given was that after I hit the submit button I noticed your update. That’s what I get for not reading the entire post before submitting my comment.

  11. I did catch that in my email later. I was truly glad to have the jsonline version, so I let it stand.

    WordPress is great, and this comment plugin I use is really helpful, but nothing’s perfect. Thanks for being patient.