Catching up: a few stories you might want to read

Well, this week began with a little sidetrack given all that Prosser/Bradley business. I see the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel continues to attempt to milk the story as long as possible, but I’m content to let it go for now.

There are a few things we should at least acknowledge floating around out there.

1) Did you know Senator Ron Johnson is rich?

I kid you not. The left went berserk over the idea that Johnson took a draw from his plastics company. (Blogs One, Two, and Three.) Let me politely explain a couple of things to those of you so heartbroken over Johnson’s success. First, he’s successful because he uses good people to explain things to him. This is how I can say with confidence he’s not in any kind of “hot water” as one blogger is desperate to convey. Next, and I know this will be hard for many of you to fathom, but I’m betting that clever Mr. Johnson loaned his campaign the money to run it, and even that money will be coming back to him as his campaign account enjoys the benefits of elected office. If you have a problem with his money being returned, complain to those who write the campaign finance laws. Finally, one blogger makes what can only be described as a grossly disingenuous statement explaining in short that it’s really just fine for Herb Kohl to have millions since he’s a Democrat but it’s just not right that Ron Johnson is rich, too.

God love the left. Can you imagine how dull my days would be without that kind of thinking provided for my entertainment?

2) Here’s another article on that $64,000 question. Americans better wise up to the healthcare fiasco we’ve created. I swear, we’ve just doubled down on stupid in this country. What’s really disheartening is that no one seems willing to do the hard work to actually right the situation.

3) Do you know as an elected President Obama has never proposed a budget? That the Senate refuses to discuss a budget? That America has no budget and will be running out of credit by the end of this month?

What the heck are you thinking, people. A problem like this doesn’t just go away.

4) Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl has himself an old-fashioned dilemma. He’s demanded appearance of a Google executive who doesn’t want to talk. Now Kohl must decide to save face and escalate the demand with a subpoena or walk away and look silly. Politico has that one.

5) Finally, and my favorite, is that Milwaukee County unions are all sad because they didn’t get their way. They want a special exception to all those rotten new rules Scott Walker put through. Here’s a humorous piece (although I doubt that was his intention) by Chris Liebenthal and a real news blurb (although I am not fully convinced the MJS writes real news) from the paper.

6) Oh, and one goofball GOP potential State Senate candidate near Green Bay was tossed off the ballot for the recall election when he came up a couple of signatures short. Dude, if you are so stupid/arrogant/disorganized that you can’t turn in a successful set of nomination papers, you likely are not the candidate of the decade anyway. I’d consider it a political application of natural selection. Not that State Rep. Nygren asked my opinion or anything. And for goodness sakes, those fellow writers on the right, don’t defend this guy.

Update: Whoops. There goes the other Republican. The GOP must have some real stinkers in the state assembly right now.

Hopefully I will get it together later today and write a bit about the really important thing that happened today. As one of my twitter buddies explained, it’s such a big deal they are throwing a big party at the lakefront for the next few days in celebration. 🙂


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    Capper did provide a good chuckle 🙂