Obama slams private jets

But he gave corporate private jets tax breaks with the stimulus funding.

The President is going to be doing double gainers with half twists before we are done with November 2012.

H/T: Marty Smith’s Tweet


  1. Perhaps if he had a Republican Senator showing him the way to balance tbe budget, he wouldnt be saying these things.

  2. You know, ofr1, your comments are often so obtuse that even I don’t get them. Mind being a little more clear?

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    Along the same line of thinking here is a very effective ad Romney is running, Cindy:

    There are and will be loads of material like this in 2012 that just wasn’t there in 2008. ( Actually there was, but most ignored it)

  4. At least he isn’t using “Believe in America Again.” That “again” always ticked me off with Walker’s recent Wisconsin campaign.

    Really amazing point about that plant, though. This president would rather hang out on the golf course than worry about that closing.