Tom Foley just got pwned.

And I heart Jeremy Shown. You are reading him every time you can, right?


  1. John Foust says:

    You seem to have that forty-something cul-de-sac notion of what “pwned” means.

  2. Nah. It’s all in good fun.

    I am always amused at how gallantly you defend his honor.

  3. “His insights, such as they are, range from the” … “to the potentially slanderous when he describes VanderLeest as Governor Walker’s “wife-beating lieutenant” – Mr. Shown

    I think wife-battering would have been more appropriate.

    “8/25/2009 – Vanderleest is charged with Battery and Disorderly conduct. His then wife was the victim in that alleged crime.”

    Why is Shown defending a wife-batterer?

  4. gnarlytrombone says:

    It’s all in good fun.

    Why is Shown defending a wife-batterer?

    A wife batterer and a gay-baiter walk into a bar…

  5. Shown isn’t defending anyone. He’s pointing out how this race is interesting. Plus, you used the word “alleged” which is different from having committed.

    You know, that word alleged is ignored completely by whichever side is attempting to make the point.

    None of you will change my opinion: Shown rocks and Foley’s a farce.

  6. John Foust says:

    The batterer says, “Ned, I’d like your signature drink, the double entendre.” The bartender gives it to him.

    Cindy, I love your crush on everything Foley, and your dedication to the relentless pursuit of truth and justice, you know, by saying nothing will change your mind.

  7. Isn’t it great? A girl in this day and age who knows her mind and doesn’t cower to the pushy crowd.

  8. The interesting thing in this race is whowould actually vote for a known wife beater and someone who has been arrested numerous times to be a lawmaker……if he gets more than two votes the people in that district should be ashamed.

    It is also interesting to see our friends on the right circle the wagons to defend the abuse of women….quite telling.

  9. No, that is not what has happened. You want to pretend it to be the case to further your hate, that’s all.

    My post was about Foley the sort-of-lawyer, not the wife beater. You know from reading the other day there is no defending either candidate.

  10. gnarlytrombone says:

    to further your hate

    Aw, come on. Good fun and all that.

  11. Oh, that’s right. You left that bit about gay-baiting earlier. I’ll laugh at that. Glad we can agree.

  12. Nope. That last one won’t stand, gnarly. You can fake the gay-baiting thing earlier, but that link was bad news.

    I love the way your righteous indignation pushed you to proffer the very thing you claim to dislike. Maybe you should spend the evening rethinking your values.

  13. gnarlytrombone says:

    I love the way your righteous indignation pushed you to proffer the very thing you claim to dislike.

    Now that’s hilarious. Here’s something a bit more your speed.

  14. The Lorax says:


  15. John Foust says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading Shown because he’s thoughtful and often reasonable. (I would differ with him on what makes for a manageable number of children.) I suspect Foley has no problem with him either, and I seem to remember he’s linked to him favorably in the past.

    So why does Cindy inject herself into the process? It was not as if you were adding value to the discussion. Are you trying to steal their limelight of thoughtfulness and rationality?

  16. Yes. Thanks. I’ve linked to that before. It shoots me right back to my childhood.

  17. Foust, because my argument with Foley is far from over, and I’m glad to have known that another blogger thought Foley’s situation amusing.

    Is that clear enough or should I use one-syllable words and try again?

    (You’re an arrogant twit to even begin to think you should argue with Shown about the number of children he and his wife have. I guess your coming out on that issue gives me license to hope aloud that you haven’t procreated.)

  18. What’s “pwned”? Is that some crazy slang all the young people like Cindy are using nowadays?

  19. John Foust says:

    I’d answer, but my posts seem to be dropping down the Memory Hole.