The maps are here! The maps are here!

And good grief. It seems my corner of Brookfield is being tossed to the wind.

The Recess Supervisor has the links and if I’m reading this correctly, the 14th, where I reside, will be open. The 98th, my current district is shifting left. Paul Farrow (R) lives there and will likely keep it. The current 14th is occupied by newly elected Dale Kooyenga (R) who lives south of the new line and will be in the new 13th. No doubt the leadership feels he has the strength to take the district from the current 13th assembly member David Cullen (D). (I have not verified that Cullen remains in the new 13th, but I’d put money on it. His address is on that link, but my tiny map reading skills are challenged this late on a Friday.) All of that is the long way of saying I THINK* my district, the new 14th, is going to be an open seat.

***This is wrong. Be sure to read the comments below to see the correction.***

I didn’t mention it yet, but my new county supervisory district is likely to be an open seat, too. (At least under the currently proposed map.)

Now, who would scramble for an assembly seat. Dave Marcello is in that new 14th, but I think he might be beyond politics. I think 5th District Alderman Scott Berg is there. Former Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker looks to be in it.

That’s where my money would go to run. Speaker. Oh, yuck. Double yuck. I sure hope I’m wrong. We could really use a strong candidate. I’d almost bet one has already been anointed. (Oh please let me be wrong.)

*I THINK means if I’m wrong, there shalt be no beheading the blogger.

***I was wrong! I did beg to be wrong, didn’t I? Thank goodness I made that last disclaimer. 🙂 ***


  1. Actually, Cullen and Kooyenga are both in the new 14th, (Northern ‘Tosa and Northern Brookfield). It’s the 13th (Southern ‘Tosa, Southern Brookfield, and most of Elm Grove) which will have an open seat.

    Also, you can go type your address in the searchable map (go to and then click Interactive Map on the Assembly row.) Because of a quirk in the software, you will have to type your address in the search bar and hit enter, then zoom out until you can see the lines (the arrow pointing to your address will stay until you close it out.)

  2. Also, Dave Cullen is only a block away from Barbara Toles’s district, where he could easily win a general election but probably could never beat Toles in a primary since it’s still a black majority district.

  3. Wow, you’re right, Alex. I had Therese mixed up with James Street down south. I like Kooyenga. I’m tickled he’ll be my representative and will work to make sure that’s the case.

    So, no Jeff Speaker. Whew! A new set of potential candidates will have to float around my head now…

    Could it be that Schellinger is in that district? (Tee hee hee.)

  4. lets get above partisanship and elect a county supervisor with enough guts to cut the members of the board.