So is that why Kanavas didn’t run?

I’ve just been reading this bit on redistricting from the MJS. It shows how Leah Vukmir (R) will be my new State Senator instead of Rich Zipperer (R).

In fair disclosure, I like Zipperer. His office has been somewhat responsive in the past. I’m not wild about Vukmir – it’s more who she is, though, than her work. She votes the Republican agenda like clockwork. That said, I’m not over the moon about the change, but I’ll survive.

What dawned on me is that this shift would have never taken place had Ted Kanavas been the State Senator instead of Zipperer. Kanavas lives in Brookfield, which will be entirely represented by Vukmir. Zipperer is, I think, in Pewaukee. And that’s when I wondered out loud if the anticipated shift is the reason Kanavas didn’t run.

You know me, I’m not convinced we have a Republican crowd with all the oars in the water all the time, but I suppose there’s a chance someone saw this opportunity coming and gently encouraged Kanavas to move on. Everyone (and I mean even his neighbor’s dog) knows he’d rather be in Washington. Although there’s been talk of him making a state-wide run for the Senate seat Herb Kohl (D) holds, I’ve always thought he was waiting for James Sensenbrenner (R) to retire. Wasn’t Kanavas a former Sensenbrenner staffer?

I’m not a huge Kanavas fan, either, but that’s not news. In his case, it’s opposite the Vukmir issue. I like Ted (well, I like his wife and family) and get annoyed at his constant political posturing that often doesn’t make logical sense. I haven’t missed that over the last few months.

In any event, read the MJS article. Although they make it sound dastardly that the competitive seats are being redesigned for a firm Republican win, one must also remember they are creating firm Democratic strongholds as well. Instead of lambasting the newly arranged districts, maybe we should rejoice in how those districts will serve to calm the legislature down.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m tickled the new lines will serve to buffer Wisconsin’s red-state status. Absolutely tickled. (I don’t want to have to move to Oklahoma again. Do you know it was 110 degrees last Saturday?)

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  1. our state has 2 signficant DC seats coming up. assuming that congress is open coupled with the sentate seat open it may be time to consider non political candidates. that sounds atypical but there are still many capable statesmen type people out there. the independent voters will have a real choice if they have a choice to make. that type of person will be one who does not want to be a career politician, serve one or two terms, be free of political influence and be willing to fight for justice, win or lose. Where is Mr/Mrs/Ms X ?

  2. Mortified West Allis Resident says:

    While you might not be “wild about Vukmir”, I am , to coin a phrase, mortified. Apparently, a purported basis for the redistrict map is “a community of interests”. It is no coincidence that Leah Vukmir lost the urban areas of the old 5th District. The only thing that allowed her to prevail over Jim Sullivan was the wide margins in the Waukesha County areas. How convenient that the Village of West Milwaukee (urban, post-industrial, and increasingly Hispanic) was dropped from the 5th District with district expansion extended to the Pewaukee border. Please tell me what possible “community of interests” West Allis has with Elm Grove and Brookfield? West Allis has bakeries NOT LeCakeries; West Allis has bowling leagues NOT the Western Racquet Club; West Allis residents use their front porches for the original intended purposes; not as a phoney decorative feature on a McMansion.

    Seriously, West Allis is a post-industrial inner-rim suburb complete with all the challenges that status entails. My strong belief is that Leah Vukmir has no appreciation nor grasp of those unique issues facing West Allis and the remaining urban portions of the revised 5th District. Most, if not all, those issues/policy solutions are incompatible with, or are of no consequence to, the leafy Waukesha suburban portions of the 5th District.

  3. Now, now. While I agree with you that West Allis and Brookfield have little in common (and I am also quite inspired by your distinctive labeling of West Allis as a “post-industrial inner-rim suburb” for that is well said), I take offense to the idea that we (Brookfield) are all McMansioned households supporting LeCakeries. Most of Brookfield is really only LeCakerie wannabees.

    That said, Vukmir’s convenient redistricting is expressly to reward Vukmir’s good soldier status. West Allis is simply sacrificed for the cause. The population numbers still have to match. And Vukmir lives at Swan/92nd and North, so the district had to stay east enough to keep her in it.

  4. Mortified West Allis Resident says:

    I didn’t appreciate the “Now, now” comment. It makes you appear like the condescending “ole school marm” rebuking the, recalcitrant, uncouth young student. Come to think of it, isn’t that the way most “Brookfielders” think of West Allis?

    However, your description of “sacrifice” and “good soldier” is on the mark and shows some appreciation and sympathy for West Allis. In fact, it was so good I used it in another blog, with attribution, of course.

  5. No offense meant, MWAR. I am feeling a bit like an old school marm today. (Maybe that’s my problem. I can’t see anymore and am trying to accomplish a project that requires sharp eyesight and it’s taking me five times longer than it did in the past! This project is doing me in.) And I don’t mean to be hateful, only convey the facts, but most Brookfielders don’t think of West Allis at all. I know your situation is not a pleasant one for you, but just think of it this way: hundreds of thousands of people are in your same boat with a certain President right now.

    Choice political representation is not a right; only the right to participate in the process is absolute.