Wisconsin recall elections primary July 12, 2011

Be sure to vote for your favorite fake Democrat tomorrow!

From I Stand with Scott Walker via Facebook:

The recalls tomorrow are expected to have a VERY low turnout. A single vote can determine whether a democratic candidate faces off against a republican senator, which determines control of the state senate.

If you live in any of the districts below, know of anyone who lives there, PLEASE VOTE, remind your family and friends to vote. A phone call, text message, or facebook message only takes a quick second.

REMEMBER: Anyone can vote, including Republicans and independents. As long as you’re registered, you’re fine.

Tomorrow’s vote can determine whether a recall takes place, if you’ve wondered if your votes really matters, think about this. If only a few hundred votes are cast tomorrow in a district (it’s a primary), your vote and your family’s vote can determine the fate of Wisconsin. Whether the recall takes place, and if the democratic candidate is successful, whether Walker’s agenda will continue.

Tomorrow’s our first test, let’s show them our voice.

A VOTE for Otto Junkerman is a VOTE in support of Rob Cowles (District 2)
District 2 Map

A VOTE for Gladys Huber is a VOTE in support of Alberta Darling (District 8)
District 8 Map

A VOTE for Isaac Weix is a VOTE in support of Shelia Harsdorf (District 10)
District 10 Map

A VOTE for Rol Church is a VOTE in support of Luther Olsen (District 14)
District 14 Map

A VOTE for John Buckstaff is a VOTE in support of Randy Hopper (District 18)
District 18 Map
The 18th District includes the cities of Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, and Waupun

A VOTE for James Smith is a VOTE in support of Dan Kapanke (District 32)
District 32 Map
The 32 District is in the southwestern corner of the state, covering Crawford, Vernon and La Crosse Counties

I know some are minimizing these alternate candidates, but depending on the turnout, I think a couple of them could knock off the real challenger. That’s why I’ll be watching the evening returns.


  1. Cindy. a vote for a “fake” is a vote wasted. why? because of the sacred right to vote with integrity and conscience. we know how hard candidates work for elective office which is the American way. but i suppose per US Supremes that corporations are/will be candidates, if not in name, but in money. again, money talks. both political parties are in the hunt for candidates that conform to the desires of corporate greed, i.e., to control government. it sounds like a return to tea pot dome and big money control such as the railroads and shipping. history has lessons, some good and some bad.

  2. The Lorax says:

    Thanks, Dick. Someone had to say it.

  3. Here’s how I look a it… if any faux Democrat wins tomorrow (and I strongly doubt any of them will even come close) then the Republican currently in office was never in any danger of losing the recall election anyway.

  4. Well I’ll be bold and say I think it could happen in half the districts. If I win, you have to buy me lunch. πŸ™‚

  5. How about this…. I’ll buy you lunch if even 1 “fake Democrat” wins.

    You buy me lunch if all 6 “fake Democrats” lose by more than 10.0%


  6. Since the recall elections are only happening because WI republicans were doing what they were voted in to do, I wouldn’t mind “pulling a lever” for a fake Democrat….

    But I don’t know if I could get past voting for a Democrat…even if they are fake.

  7. Sure. I’ll buy you lunch if all six lose by more than 10.0%, but you have to do the math. πŸ™‚ Oh, and I get to pick the lunch spot.

  8. Let me introduce a new vocabulary word today….

    komisar – verb – to allow a strong desire to see an unlikely event come true cloud ones judgment into over-estimating the true likelihood of this event actually occurring.

    If this is not clear, I’ll use it in a sentence.

    Cindy sure got kominsared when she thought the Republicans might have a realistic chance of winning some of those recall election primaries .

  9. Now what is wrong with a little wishful thinking? It’s boring around here. My outcome would certainly rev up the chatter.

  10. Tom Foley is already prepping for the worst.

  11. Hope you know I’m just funning with you, Cindy. I do hope you are right! πŸ™‚ Us actuaries are used to injecting (as we see it) realism and shooting down everyone else’s excitment… it’s in our nature!

    In related news… Foley’s comments are insane. How can the party whose Senate representatives left the state to avoid casting a vote they didn’t like claim the moral high-ground? As I said before… if Pasch or any other recall Democrat can’t win a primary against a last-minute throw-in that no one has ever heard of, they had 0 chance of becoming a state senator anyway.

  12. Fake Democrats = serious lack of ethics. I am disgusted by what is happening in Wisconsin and it has become a cautionary tale for the rest of the country.

  13. Julie, I disagree. One should use all the tools in the toolbox. Wisconsin has this specific tool available. You are welcome to change the open primary law if you’d like.

  14. What would be really interesting is if one of the fake Democrats won the primary AND the general election. πŸ™‚

  15. Cindy,

    For me, I can’t lay aside my ethics and values when its convenient. It doesn’t work that way for me.

    “You are welcome to change the open primary law if you’d like.” Smug, not helpful to the conversation.

  16. Randy in Richmond says:

    I wonder the same thing Ryan. Exactly who would that serve ?
    And if the faux candidate wins can he/she just withdraw leaving the incumbant in office ?

  17. No, it’s not smug, Julie. It’s fact. Would you to prefer to whine about things you can not change or change the things you can?

  18. The Lorax says:

    P.S. Mordecai Lee is an idiot. Sorry.

  19. Lorax, Mordecai Lee is not an idiot. I agree with him more often than I disagree. He is experienced and educated in Political Science. He is a professor.

    You sound like a ridiculous cry baby when you say stuff like that.

  20. Disgusting! I thought the right were supposed to be the people of good morals. This is unethical and frankly….disgusting! Shame!

  21. Bemused says:

    I agree with you Julie. The Dems running and the Reps running fake candidates has me seriously questioning everyone’s integrity. It really has me wondering: If they are making decisions like this out in the open, what are they doing when no one is looking. Very, very scary!!!

  22. Gosh. There are a lot of angry people out there. Like I said, change it if you don’t like it.

  23. Bemused says:

    No anger here, just making an observation.
    I used to think that most politicians really were far removed from the people they represent. I’m beginning to think they are just following along with the culture. Enacting new policies and rules won’t change anything, it has to be a cultural shift towards integrity and not away from it. Don’t see that happening anytime soon, in culture nor politics.

  24. Sure they would. Your complaint is that anyone can vote in the Democratic primary. Make registration such that one must declare a party, and you’re problems are solved. This has nothing to do with integrity. Folks are simply using one of the tools in the toolbox. Of the two candidates on today’s ballot, they get to choose one. What’s so unethical about that?

  25. Results are coming in here. As someone explained on another post, it looks like I’m losing my bet. πŸ™

  26. labradog says:

    “Disgusting! I thought the right were supposed to be the people of good morals. This is unethical and frankly….disgusting! Shame!”

    Not for at least thirty years, my friend.

  27. Wow, you guys did really poorly!

  28. Looks like ethics win. πŸ˜‰

  29. It was a Democratic primary. One dem won; one dem lost. πŸ˜‰

  30. Cindy, I think you meant to say one Dem won and one Rep appointed Dem lost. It looks like a trend