Predicting the recalls, revisited

A long time ago I said we might not even get this far. Ok, fine. We have recalls. Do I worry? Not at all.

For one thing, I feel certain we’re at most exchanging one Democrat for one Republican. I could be wrong again. But you know what? Even if the Senate went to the Democrats, big deal.

It will all be done by then.

So what if Alberta Darling loses. If she’d like she can run again in a more Republican district in November 2012. If she decides to retire, it’ll still go to the Republicans.

In the meantime I am living in a Red State filled with fabulous changes. School districts are once again under local board control instead of union control. Unions must collect their own dues instead of having them automatically deducted from paychecks. Voter ID will be fully implemented in time for the Presidential election in 2012. We even have concealed carry. (Not that I cared about that one way or the other.) There will be new district maps firmly in place to encourage Republican leadership in this state for years to come.

And though a few Democrats might try, there’s no way given the majority in the Assembly and the Republican Governor that they would successfully overturn any of those changes. As one president once said, “elections have consequences.” Last November was a big deal around here, and Democrats know it.

Democrats in this state are scared. They continue to posture because throwing up their fist is about all they have left. They have gambled and lost everything in Wisconsin, and they’ve done it at a time when a move to the right for Wisconsin could cost Democrats the Presidency.

Next week I want to share a bit about the fist those Democrats insist on using to represent their cause. I’d also like to expand on why the Dems gamble to let the unions control them in this state failed so miserably.

I only mention those two so I’ll get around to them. I have a bad case of summer laziness creeping in these days. Here’s to a great weekend. I’ll be celebrating my 29th wedding anniversary. (I know; poor guy. 😉 )


  1. Anonymous says:

    No big deal, my hinder! A Democrat Senate blocks any further action by Republicans. There will certainly be a recall attempt at Walker, with a good chance of being successful. True, the Assembly will remain Republican until 2012, but with the cast of nuts on the Right currently running for POTUS, the Assembly could swing Democrat even if the redistricting borders hold up in court. In short, the Senate recall elections are a HUGE deal. If the Senate flips, all will be undone.

  2. The recalls are not a HUGE deal. I know you want them to be, but they aren’t. (PS An asteroid could hit earth or the Aztec calendar could accurately predict the end of the world. Just adding to your list of things to consider.)

  3. The redistricting plan will absolutely hold up in court, absolutely no question. The democrats can cry foul, and say it was partisan- but it was not illegal.

  4. I agree with that statement. It’s simple, and I feel, accurate.